TNA Live Event Results From Bowling Green (2/24) - Jeff Hardy Defends Title In Cage Against Devon

Thanks to Joey E. of Starship-Pained.Com for sending in these results from tonight's TNA live event in Bowling Green, OH:

Match #1: Joseph Park defeated Robbie E (with Robbie T). After the match, Robbie E hit Robbie T, who tossed him out of the ring.

Earl Hebner mocks the Montreal Screw Job by acting like Bret Hart, putting on Bret Hart sunglasses & spitting to the outside of the ring.

Match #2: Velvet Sky & ODB defeated Gail Kim & Tara

I saw reports saying Lockdown may not be an all cage match PPV. So Cal Val, the ring announcer of the night, said it would be.

Match #3: Magnus vs. Bobby Roode. After many minutes of messing around & some wrestling, Aries came out, causing DQ allowing Magnus to win. Roode & Aries beat Magnus up until James Storm made the save. He then challenged the champions to a tag title match but the champs refused. The champs said if Magnus & Storm beat them, they will get a future tag match, and if Magnus & Storm lose, they can never come back to Bowling Green, Ohio. The champs wanted a new entrance so Magnus announced them & changed their entrance them while they were on there way out. Neither Roode or Aries wanted to start so the both got on the apron, then in the ring, then on the apron, then back in the ring, & finally Aries started. After a solid match, Storm hit the last call for the win, which means we should see a future tag team match.

Match #4: Mr. Anderson came out & raised his hand up for the mic but flipped off the crowd instead. Kurt Angle comes out for their match. Chants break out for Angle screaming "USA" & Anderson said he's from Green Bay, Wisconsin, which he said is also in the US, & called the crowd douchebags. Kurt Angle won after the Angle slam with no Aces & 8's interference.

They announced Earl Hebner has officially refed over 100,000 matches. That set up a meet & greet with Earl & his son Bryan during intermission. They also started setting up the cage main event.

Match #5: Jeff Hardy vs. Devon in a steel cage for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. HUGE pop for Hardy. While wrestling, Brian Hebner was knocked out & Jeff got out of the cage, but a masked member of Aces & 8's threw him back in & pulled Devon out. While the masked wrestler tried waking up the ref, Kurt Angle came out & threw Devon back in before the ref could notice Devon was out of the cage. Devon turned around into a Twist of Fate from Jeff which allowed Jeff to win. Devon grabbed a mic after the match & said Aces & 8's was still & always will be the best.

Kurt Angle came back out & fans were given an opportunity to pay $20 to take a picture with Angle. No limit to the amount of people in your group.

Biggest Pops:
1. Jeff Hardy
2. Kurt Angle
3. ODB

Biggest Heat:
1. Devon
2. Mr. Anderson
3. Tara


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