WWE NXT Recap: First Tag Champs Crowned, Graves Vs. Riley, More

NXT opens this week with a breakdown of the NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament so far. The finals will be Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey against The Wyatt Family, later in the show.

Mike Dalton comes down to the ring for a match, followed by Axl Keegan.

Before the match starts, as Keegan is making his entrance, Paige runs down the ramp and chases Summer Rae out of the ring. She then goes back inside, picks up the mic and tells Summer Rae that she can run all she wants, but the show won't move forward until she faces her. Paige says she is just going to stay in the ring until it happens. Keegan walks up to talk to her, but Paige hits him and screams at him to get out of the ring. Dalton and Keegan both then leave the ring, and Dusty Rhodes comes out to the ramp. Rhodes says that Paige will not hold NXT hostage. He tells her to get out and Paige says no. He tells the ref to remove her. Summer comes out and talks trash, standing behind Rhodes. Paige runs up the ramp and attacks her over Rhodes, but a bunch of refs split them up and take Summer to the back.

Back from commercial and a doctor is examining Paige's shoulder.

Alex Riley vs. Corey Graves

They trade strikes and Riley backs Graves into the corner. He slams his head into the turnbuckle. They fight around the ring, and Riley bounds off the ropes and clotheslines Graves, followed by a body slam. Graves goes to the apron, and Riley slams him back into the ring. Riley nails Graves with an atomic drop, followed by a standing dropkick. Graves comes back and kicks out Riley's knee. He drops several punches onto Riley's head, and rubs his forearm in Riley's cheekbone. Graves locks in a headlock. Riley fights to his feet, but Graves lands an elbow, dropping Riley to the mat. Graves then locks in a quarter nelson and holds it in for several moments.

Riley gets to his feet, but Graves clubs him to the mat with multiple forearms. Graves goes for a Suplex, but Riley counters with one of his own, followed by a Spinebuster for a two count. Riley hits Graves with a flying elbow in the corner. Riley gets on top of Graves, but Graves shoves him into the mat. Graves hits a chop block on Riley's knee, and then locks in the 13th Step as Riley taps for the win.

Winner: Corey Graves

Paige is then shown backstage, still with the doctor, getting her shoulder wrapped up.

Then, a hype video for the Elimination Chamber match is shown, talking about its rules and how dangerous it is.

Summer Rae vs. Paige

Paige immediately hits Rae with a Thesz Press. Raw hits Paige with an arm bar takedown, and then splashes on Paige's shoulder. Raw wraps up Paige's arm in her legs and starts torqueing her shoulder. Paige escapes and throws Rae across the ring by her hair. She then stomps on Rae in the corner. Rae escapes to the outside and Paige holds her shoulder. Rae comes back in and roundhouse kicks Paige for the win.

Winner: Summer Rae

Sasha Banks is then shown backstage, and she is given another secret admirer letter telling her to wait another week to find out whom it is from.

Oliver Grey and Adrian Neville vs. The Wyatt Family- NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals

Grey and Harper start things off. They tie up, and Grey gets backed into the corner. Grey goes to the ropes, and Harper charges him. Grey pulls down the top rope and Harper flies over. Grey then dives through the middle rope and takes him out. He throws Harper back in the ring, and stares at Bray Wyatt from the apron. Back from commercial and Grey is working over Rowan in the corner. Neville comes in, but Rowan punches him to the mat. Neville fights back and goes to work on Rowan's left arm. He and Grey exchange multiple tags, all the while working on Rowan's arm. Eventually, Rowan fights back and headbutts Grey. Harper comes in and chops Grey's chest several times.

Harper charges Grey, but gets hit with an elbow. Grey takes Harper to his corner and Neville comes in. Neville kicks Harper in the chest multiple times. Harper whips Neville into the corner, and charges after him, but Neville backflips off the turnbuckle and lands behind Harper. He then hits Harper with a standing dropkick. Neville takes Harper to his corner, and Grey comes in with several uppercuts. Harper punches Grey, and Rowan comes in. He knees Grey in the back. Grey fights back and goes back to work on Rowan's arm. Neville comes in and locks in a sleeper on Rowan. Grey comes in and elbows the back of Rowan's head. Rowan escapes and Harper comes in. Grey quickly hits him with a standing dropkick. He charges Harper, who back body drops Grey onto the apron. They exchange strikes, and the ref pushes Harper back. Bray Wyatt pulls Grey off the apron to the floor. Dusty Rhodes comes out and sends Wyatt from ringside to the back.

Back from commercial and Rowan is clubbing Grey with forearms in the corner. Harper comes in and clubs Grey several times as well. Rowan comes back in elbows Grey in the head. Harper comes back in and stomps Grey's chest. He then locks in a side lock. Rowan comes back in hits Grey with a body slam. He then torques Grey's head. Grey tries to fight out, but Rowan lands a backbreaker. Rowan then torques Grey's head and neck again. Harper comes in with two elbow drops. He hits an uppercut, and Rowan comes back in. Rowan clubs Grey to the mat, and then locks in a bear hug, rag dolling Grey about. Rowan pushes Grey into the corner. He tries to fight out, but Harper comes in. Harper hits a couple elbow drops on Grey to stop him from getting to the corner, but Grey crawls between his legs and makes the tag. Neville comes in with several fast paced drop kicks. He takes out Rowan from the apron and boots Harper in the face, followed by a DDT. Harper reels to the corner. Neville charges him, and Harper backdrops him onto the apron. Neville kicks Harper in the face, and then leaps off the top rope but Harper hits him with a big boot in mid air. Harper goes for the pin, but Grey breaks it up. Rowan comes into the ring and throws Grey to the outside. Harper goes to slam Neville in the ring, but Neville escapes and hits Rowan from the apron again. He turns around and Harper charges him in the corner. Harper goes to punch Neville as Rowan climbs back onto the apron, but Neville ducks and Harper punches Rowan. Neville hits Harper with an enziguri, followed by the corkscrew shooting star press for the win.

Winners and first NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey

After the match, Dusty Rhodes raises their arms in the ring. Tony Dawson asks what's going through their mind. They say they've done the unbelievable. The team then celebrates with the belts in the ring.


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