WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap: Kaitlyn Vs. Natalya, Swagger Vs. Jey Uso

Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

- The opening theme runs and we go to crowd shots. The voice-over guy welcomes us to the show. Kaitlyn faces Natalya later. But first, Jey Uso vs. Jack Swagger. The narrator sends to a "411" of the participants in the match. If WWE wants to try and be hip, they should try and use terms kids in 2013 actually use. Last week he welcomed us to a "sick" show, which was just laughable.

- A highlight package for Swagger and Jey Uso runs.

- We go to the ring as Jey Uso makes his entrance with his brother in street clothes. The Miz and Josh Mathews are on commentary. Jack Swagger comes out to his old theme and no Zeb Colter, since the match was taped weeks ago.

Jack Swagger vs. Jey Uso

Swagger takes Jey down early but Jey fights up. Swagger hip-tosses Jey across the ring but Jey recovers and lands a combination for a 1 count. Jey and Swagger play cat and mouse from the ring to the floor. Swagger swings at Jimmy at ringside, Jimmy ducks, Jey hits a dive onto Swagger through the ropes as we go to a break.

- AJ Lee brings us this week's PSA to not try this at home. She says she knows she is a little out there sometimes but she prides herself in being safe and smart.

- Back to action as Jey sends Swagger into the corner. Jey follows-in but Swagger get his boot up; Swagger hits a splash off the 2nd buckle in the corner for 2. Swagger resumes the slow mat-work. We see about 3 minutes of Josh and Miz as Jey mounts a comeback. Swagger just runs over Jey and waits him for to get up. Jey moves in the corner and starts to build a flurry. Jey hits a Samoan Drop and starts a chant. Jey does something to Swagger that makes Josh and Miz both sit back in their chairs simultaneously.

Jey hits an off-screen Running Stinkface to Jack in the corner and covers him for a 2. Jey goes up top but Swagger sprints and meets him. Swagger hits a great looking powerslam off the top and they show every bit of it. Swagger hooks the outside leg but Jey kicks out. More Josh 'n Miz. Swagger catches Jey in the Patriot Act—yes, Josh called it 'Act'—for the win. Per Michael Cole's commentary on RAW, I thought they had changed it to Patriot Lock

Winner by submission: Jack Swagger

- Back from a break as we see various shots of the lovely Kaitlyn. She is the subject of this weeks…

Saturday Morning Spotlight: Kaitlyn

A nice video package is shown, highlighting her assets.

- We go to the ring for Kaitlyn's entrance. Bret…I mean Natalya's music hits and she enters the ring.

Kaitlyn vs. Natalya

They lock-up to a stalemate and Natalya applauds. Miz gives us 'fun facts about Kaitlyn.' He says she always keeps a pair of 'jorts' (jean shorts) around like John Cena and that she likes cats with people's names. As I was typing that it just dawned on me where and why they are going with the Kaitlyn-Cody Rhodes storyline. Kaitlyn also has a real-life fascination with mustaches. Ahh, art imitating life.

Kaitlyn keeps control of Natalya on the mat with a head-scissors but Natalya does a kip-up and another flip as we go to break.

Kaitlyn with a sunset flip off the 2nd buckle for 2 as we return to action. Natalya immediately goes for a Sharpshooter but Kaitlyn reaches the ropes. Natalya puts her hand out for a shake and tells Kaitlyn she's really good. Kaitlyn looks around and shakes but Natalya has other ideas. They have a nice exchange but we mostly see Josh 'n Miz as Natalya applies an abdominal stretch. Maybe the attire or, lack thereof, is too much for this hour. After an obvious edit, Kaitlyn mounts a comeback and hits a classic bodyslam and takes Natalya's head off with a shoulder for 2.

Kaitlyn avoids the Sharpshooter again and hits her newly patented and well executed spear for the win.

Winner by pin: Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn offers to help Natalya up. Natalya stands up by herself and they shake hands and embrace as we go off the air.


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