CM Punk Reveals His Goal For Undertaker Match, Talks Not Being A Lifer, His Title Reign

CM Punk recently sat down with Pittsburgh's 105.9 the X. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Wrestling the Undertaker at Wrestlemania: "Everyone's expecting me to try and top the Shawn Michaels matches. That's not my goal. My goal is to make it the best that the situation allows me to make it. There's a chance that it could be better than those matches, but that's not my goal. This isn't one of those work rate matches. I like my pro wrestling when people are pissed off and angry. I don't like it when it's two dudes going out there to wrestle. I made him [Undertaker] mad. I got under his skin. I made it personal, and it's hopefully going to be emotional and psychological."

On his ability to make people he wrestles look good: "I think it's a curse. I think if you have the ability to make whoever you're in the ring with look better than they are, to enhance certain aspects of their game, I think a lot of times it's more of a curse."

Him still getting cheered, even though he is a bad guy: "I think pro wrestling fans, as a whole, are just super passionate. When there's a guy whose been on TV non stop, that's their guy, or however it is. They're used to seeing him. They like that guy. I think they'll back him no matter what."

What the goal of his reign as WWE Champion was: "I wanted to do a lot of things. I knew what the endgame was, and I knew I had a shot at being a good guy and I had a shot at being a bad guy. I really wanted to see if I could go from being most loved to most hated. That was my primary goal. Obviously putting asses in seats and drawing money and all that. But from a character aspect, I wanted to kind of evolve CM Punk. I almost wanted to make the fans hypocrites. They cheer everything I do for six months, and then I don't change a single thing I do, and they boo everything I do. It's almost like a sociological experiment."

How long he is going to wrestle: "I don't want to be a lifer. I don't want to do anything, but I get bored easy. So I'm like what the next hill to climb, what's the next mountain to conquer?"

You can listen to the whole interview above.


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