Cryptic Text From WWE, More On Likely Return Tonight

As noted earlier, reader Jonathon D. Fischer noted that the Undertaker's music was being sound tested in the arena as fans were waiting in line for tonight's RAW.

WWE's text messaging service sent out the following alert moments ago: "I have risen."

Paul Heyman wrote the following on his Twitter: "#Backstage @WWE #RAW #OldSchool I'm looking down the hallway, and #OMFG .. that can't be ... it just can't be ... is it really HIM?"

Jim Ross also alluded to the Undertaker's return on his Twitter, writing, "Will the Undertaker return to #WWE Old School Raw in less than 1 hour live on #USA? Only one way to find out. Tune in. Do it or RIP! @WWE"

Thanks to readers @RTReggaeton, @canesfan6700, Austin Roper, Kamran, Nick Kapps, Blue Thunder, Rich Aguilera, Mike Thiel, Andrew Davis, Nick, Chris Griffin, PZthePrince, @TylerTheHorse and Derek for contributing to this article.


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