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– We start with a memoriam to Bill “Paul Bearer” Moody, 1954 ? 2013.

– A video package catches us up on recent events. Bully Ray is the #1 contender for Jeff Hardy’s World Title. Who will be champion at Lockdown? Also, who did Kurt Angle unmask last week?

– We go right to the camera crew in the back asking Kurt Angle who was under the mask. Angle is fired up and he says he will reveal it later tonight. He says he is shocked and pissed off, “Nobody is safe.”

– We go to the ring for pyro and crowd shots in the Impact Zone.

– Austin Aries makes his way to the ring.

Aries says that once again he can’t get a hold of his partner Bobby Roode and puts himself over. Aries says Bully said he will never be champion again so he calls out Jeff Hardy to a match. Hardy comes down with his two title belts and slaps hands with fans at ringside. Aries attacks Hardy at ringside and sends him in as the bell rings.

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries

Aries takes off his shirt and goes to work on Hardy. Aries drops a big knee and gets 2. The crowd provides dueling Hardy/Aries chants. Hardy fights out of the corner and hits mounted shots on Aries in the opposite corner. Aries counters Hardy and tosses him to the floor as the ref counts. We go to break.

Hardy quickens the pace as we return to action but Aries keeps up and stays in control. Hardy almost steals it with an inside cradle. Aries hits chops in the corner but Jeff fights back with kicks. Aries hits a Frogsplash off the 2nd buckle after mocking Hardy and gets 2. Hardy rolls Aries up again for another 2. Hardy starts to build momentum and hits a Stinger Splash in the corner. Jeff continues with a flurry and hits a splash off the 2nd buckle for 2. Hardy takes Aries out to the floor with a head scissors takedown and kicks him through the ropes and tackles Aries from the apron.

Jeff sends Aries back in and goes up top but Aries punches him off the apron. Aries suplexes Hardy back in but Hardy counters and hits 2 Twists of Fate. Hardy removes his shirt but Matt Morgan comes in and takes his head off with the Carbon Footprint as the bell rings. Morgan goes to do it again but Bully Ray comes down with a chain and Morgan retreats.

– Sting gives a pep talk to Team TNA in his office: James Storm, Magnus, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young. Sting says the world will find out soon why he chose Young. Sting is fired-up and says he will set it off tonight.

– We see footage of V.P.’s unmasking last week. We see that after we went off the air last week, Angle got beat down by Aces & 8’s, lead by Briscoe and Bischoff.

– Kurt Angle is on his way to the ring.

– Back from a break. They ask Matt Morgan in the back to explain his actions. He says he knows what he deserves and he will gut the entire roster until Hulk Hogan gives him what he deserves.

– We see a video package of the series of events involving Wes Briscoe, Garett Bischoff, and Kurt Angle.

– We go to the ring as Wes Briscoe comes to the ring. Mike Tenay asks what this is about as we were waiting for Kurt to come out. Taz says maybe he got cold feet or he tripped and hurt his neck. Briscoe says he has something to get off his chest. He says his dad and uncle were two of the greatest and they said Kurt Angle was one of the best they had ever seen. Wes gets the “WHAT” treatment and he says after Sunday the world will know that a Briscoe is better than an Angle.

Angle comes out with the mask in?hand and responds on his way down the ramp. He has on a “Save Wrestling 2020” shirt on. Angle says that before he reveals the V.P. he is going whip Wes’ a** right now. Angle charges the ring and mounts Wes with some ground-and-pound. The action goes to the floor and D-Lo Brown and Al Snow come out to break it up. We can see Kurt yelling at Al saying, “It’s him!” D-Lo hits a low-blow to Angle he glares at the camera. D-Lo grabs a mic and says he wanted to come down and reclaim club property, the mask. He says he will spoil it for Angle, D-Lo announces himself as the V.P. of Aces & 8’s.

– D-Lo is handed his leather jacket in the back and he says he will never take it off again. D-Lo tells Devon to go out there and take care of business. With his brothers behind him, D-Lo cuts a passionate promo into the camera. He ends with, “nWo 4 Lif? I mean he says, “Aces & 8’s forever.”

– Devon comes to the ring followed by Sting.

Sting vs. Devon

This is the first of three matches tonight to determine the first man-in advantage in Lethal Lockdown. Devon attacks Sting from behind and hits a spear to take control. Devon hits a neckbreaker for 2. Sting builds a flurry a clotheslines Devon over the top and goes out to throw him around at ringside. A fan at ringside in a black toboggan and a red-and-black lumberjack shirt grabs Sting from behind and throws a red beverage square in his face. Referee Earl Hebner calls for help and the fan is removed from behind by security. This came across as a work at first considering the opponent and the sheer balls it would take for a fan to do such a thing but it appears as if it was a shoot. Devon hits a big boot in the ring to Sting’s face and gets the win.

Winner by pin: Devon

– The Gut Check contestants await their fate as we go to break.

– Gail Kim interrupts a Velvet Sky interview in the back and Velvet slaps her in the face and walks away.

– We go to footage of the Gut Check deliberation from last week. Al Snow and Bruce Prichard replace Taz with Danny Davis.

– Back to live TV in the back as Bruce Prichard, with Snow and Davis, talks to the two women hopefuls and he chooses Lei’D Tapa to move forward.

Chavo & Hernandez and Velvet Sky vs. Daniels & Kazarian and Gail Kim

The men mix it up for a while; Gail Kim grabs Chavo’s foot from the floor to give Daniels the advantage. Velvet does the same to Daniels. Kaz hits a cheap shot clothesline to Chavo and Daniels regains offense. Chavo gets double teamed some more and he is kept from his corner. Daniels and Kazarian continue to make quick tags. Chavo makes the tag to Velvet as Daniels tags Gail Kim.

Velvet hits a head scissors and a spear to Kim but Daniels breaks the count and Velvet slaps him. Hernandez tackles Daniels but Kaz comes off the top with a missile dropkick to Hernandez. Chavo and Kaz mix it up on the floor; Chavo moves and Daniels hits a moonsault on his own partner. Hernandez dives onto both men. Gail Kim hits Eat DeFeet in the ring on Velvet for the win.

Winners by pin: Daniels & Kazarian and Gail Kim

– Sting goes-off in the back as he beats a chair with a bat. His face is dripping with blood and his head is busted open. I guess it wasn’t a red drink thrown in his face; Devon busted him open when he sent him into the post after the drink incident like Brock Lesnar. For the record, they showed the fan incident in a replay preceding this segment so maybe it was a work. Samoa Joe and Magnus argue about trust.

– Back from a break as we go to more footage from the home of AJ Styles. The camera crew approaches AJ’s motorcycle outside in a parking lot. AJ grabs one guy by the collar and tells him to leave. AJ then pie-faces the camera.

– Garett Bischoff and DOC make their entrance followed by Joe and Magnus. This is the 2nd of the 3 Lethal Lockdown determiners tonight. Aces & 8’s is up 1-0.

Aces & 8’s vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus

The crowd is all over Garett as Joe takes it to him. Joe tags in Magnus and they have some words. Garett escapes to the floor and DOC attacks Magnus from behind to give Garett control in the ring. “You can’t wrestle” chants from the crowd for Garett. DOC comes in to take over on Magnus.

We see a Tweet from AJ Styles saying he will be at Impact next week in Chicago.

Samoa Joe tags in and takes care of both opponents. Things break down with all four men in the ring. Joe hits the Enzuigiri in the corner to DOC and Magnus comes off the top with the most beautiful elbow off the top I’ve ever seen from a big man for the win.

Winner by pin: Magnus & Samoa Joe

Joe and Magnus slap hands and celebrate in the ring.

I just became a Magnus fan. Magnus vs. Matt Morgan is going to be the big money match soon.

– X-Division Champion Kenny King cuts a promo in the back. He puts himself over and says he will take on all comers.

– Eric Young catches-up with ODB in the back with James Storm. Sting, his blood now dry on his face, approaches. Eric Young cuts a fiery promo and wants Sting to chose him in the final match. He says there is no punch line. Sting chooses James Storm and says Storm is the wild card.

– We to the ring as JB is joined by the Gut Check judges. Lei’D Tapa is introduced. Lei’D Tapa tries to cut a promo as the crowd drowns her out with “NO!” Tapa’s promo skills need work and don’t match her ominous appearance. Danny Davis says yes. Bruce Prichard grabs the mic and says Paul Bearer will be missed and he loves him. The crowd chants, “Rest in peace.” Bruce says no. JB gives Tapa 30 seconds to convince Al Snow. She says she might have lost last week but she knows what she can bring to the Knockouts Division. The crowd is relentless. Al Snow says, “We’ll miss you Uncle Paul.” Snow says Tapa clearly gets a reaction from the crowd and says yes. Tapa shakes hands with the judges.

– Robbie E cuts a promo on Robbie T in the back. They face-off this Sunday.

– Mr. Anderson is introduced to the ring followed by James Storm.

James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

Storm takes control early with a violent hiptoss after some back-and-forth. Anderson gets the upper-hand and he starts to slowly take the Cowboy apart. They trade shots in the center and Storm starts to build momentum. Storm hits a bulldog and a neckbreaker followed by Closing Time. Aces & 8’s makes their way to ringside. Team TNA comes down the ramp. Anderson hits the Mic Check in the ring for the win.

Winner by pin: Mr. Anderson

Anderson celebrates with Devon, D-Lo and company. Aces & 8’s now has the advantage in the Lethal Lockdown.

– Bully Ray with Brooke and Jeff Hardy are on their way to the ring.

– The Lockdown card is rundown.

– Bully Ray makes his way to the ring hand-in-hand with Brooke. Jeff Hardy comes out. Bully says it is 3 days until the biggest TNA PPV of all time. He says he and Hardy have made history before and they will do it again. Bully says he is proud of Hardy for everything he has gotten through in his career and personal life. He gives the mic to Hardy. Hardy says he know Bully will beat the crap out of him at Lockdown. Bully nods in agreement. Hardy says he is proud of Bully as well. Bully takes the mic back and says he is beating Hardy not by escaping the ring but by pinning Hardy after hitting him with his finisher.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits and he comes on the stage on crutches. Hogan says Bully and Hardy are the best of the best. Hogan says this small company is ready for a change and will go on to greatness. Hogan says the boys are ready for a leader. He says, “May the best man win.”

Bully suddenly grabs Brooke and escorts her to safety as Aces & 8’s rush the ring. Team TNA rushes the ring as well and we go off the air in the midst of a pier 6 brawl.

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