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11th Anniversary opens with a recap of the feud between Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen leading up to their title match later tonight.

QT Marshall vs. ACH vs. Silas Young vs. Mike Sydal vs. Adam Page vs. Tadarius Thomas- 6 Man Mayhem

ACH and Page start things off. They tie up and Page takes control with a side headlock. ACH hits a shoulder block takedown and Page hits an arm drag. ACH hits a head scissors, followed by a knife edge chop. Thomas comes in and double teams Page with ACH. Page rolls out of the ring and Young takes ACH's knees out. Young chops Thomas and tosses him to the outside. Sydal comes in and kicks Young in the head. Marshal comes in and takes everyone out. He gloats, and then ACH hits a hurricanrana from behind. Page and Thomas come in and attack each other in the center of the ring. Thomas tosses Page to the apron. Thomas flips over the apron and takes out everyone except Sydal and ACH. Sydal then flips off the top rope and takes everyone else out.

ACH then flips over the top rope and takes everyone out. RD Evans comes out to the ring and gets superplexed to the outside, taking everyone out. ACH and Marshall are in the ring. ACH goes to the outside, and Page comes in. Marshall hits him with an Alabama Slam and Thomas comes in. Marshall rolls out of the ring and Sydal comes in with a standing moonsault. Young comes in and they go back and forth. He hits a senton on Sydal and ACH comes in. He slams Young to the mat over his back and quickly pins him for the win.

Winner: ACH

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander vs. SCUM (Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino)

Coleman and Alexander charge the ring and immediately attack SCUM. Alexander attacks Corino on the outside, and Coleman attacks Jacobs in the ring. Alexander heads into the ring and he and Coleman double team Jacobs. Corino comes in and they double team him. They tag in and out several minutes, working on Corino. Eventually Jacobs comes in and gets hit with a Spinebuster. Coleman keeps the offense up, but Corino attacks him from behind. Corino comes in and punches Coleman in the face. Jacobs comes in and they hit him with a double elbow. He chokes Coleman on the middle rope, and then kicks his midsection. Corino comes in and they hit the sick and twisted neckbreaker.

Corino keeps the offense up and slaps Coleman. Coleman fights back and gets the tag to Alexander. He cleans house on Jacobs and Corino, and kicks Jacobs in the head. Coleman comes in and hits an STO on Corino. He charges Jacobs, but runs into an elbow. Coleman hits three northern lights suplexes on Corino. Alexander comes in and SCUM takes control. They hit several big moves, and Jacobs goes up top. He goes for a lariat, but Coleman catches him with a full nelson slam. They go for Overtime but Corino comes in with a chain and hits C and C with it. SCUM hits a spike piledriver on Alexander for the win.

Winner: SCUM

BJ Whitmer vs. Charlie Haas- No Holds Barred Match

They immediately attack each other, and Whitmer slams Haas into the barrier multiple times. He hits him with several strikes, and then slams Haas into the barrier again. He rolls Haas into the ring and clears a wooden table off. He then grabs several weapons from under the ring and throws them into the ring.

Whitmer heads into the ring and hits Haas with a trashcan. He puts the can on Haas' head and kicks it. Whitmer heads to the outside and tosses a ladder into the ring. He hits Haas in the gut with it, and then whips him into the corner. He picks the ladder up and hits Haas between the legs with it. He then picks a chair up and hits the bottom of the ladder several times. The two head to the outside, and Whitmer tosses him into the barrier. He charges Haas, but Haas dodges and tosses him into the barrier. Haas hits Whitmer with a chair, and then drops him spine first across the barrier. Haas tosses him into the ring and hits him several times with the ladder. He puts the ladder on the turnbuckle, and whips Whitmer face first into it.

Cheeseburger then comes to ringside and grabs Haas' feet. He turns around and Whitmer hits him with a steel sign. Haas picks up a garbage can lid, hits Whitmer with it, and then belly to back suplexes him over the top rope through the table. He rolls Whitmer into the ring and gets a pair of near pin falls. Haas puts the ladder on Whitmer and hits it about 20 times with a chair. Haas sets a chair up in the corner, and whips Whitmer into it. Haas then slides a table into the ring. He puts Whitmer on the top rope and tosses him through the table for a near pin fall. Haas then slides another pair of chairs into the ring. He sets them up and puts the ladder between them. He slaps Whitmer several times, and Whitmer slams Haas onto the ladder. He starts kneeing Haas in the head. The ref tells him to stop, and he doesn't so the ref calls for the bell.


The American Wolves vs. The Forever Hooligans

Before the match Koslov grabs the mic and says hello to Chicago. He asks everyone to stand up out of respect while he sings the Russian national anthem. He then starts singing. Romero stands next to him and puts his hand over his heart, singing along. He then thanks the crowd. They all shake hands. Richards and Romero start things off. They go to tie up and Romero hits Richards' knee. They stare each other down. They go to tie up again, and Romero hits a standing dropkick. They tie up, and Richards kicks Romero in the head. Richards mocks Romero, and hits Romero with a dropkick.

Richards charges Romero, and Romero puts his hands up and begs him to stop. He then hugs the ref, and shakes Richards hand. He goes to kick Richards, but Richards catches his foot. Edwards comes in and hits Romero with multiple chops. The Wolves hit both the Hooligans out of the ring, and then both hit them with suicide dives. They go back into the ring and Edwards keeps the attack up on Romero. Koslov comes in and Edwards hits a head scissors. He then hits Koslov with a kick to the head, followed by a knife edge chop. He bounces off the ropes, and Romero hits him. Romero then runs over and attacks Richards on the apron. They start fighting on the outside as Koslov rubs his forearm against Edwards' face. Romero comes in and chops Edwards in the corner. Edwards comes back with several chops, and Romero takes out his knee. Koslov comes back in and goes to work on Edwards' head. He hits a Russian leg sweep, and Romero comes in. He whips Edwards in the corner, and then clotheslines him several times. Eventually Edwards comes out of the corner and hits Romero with a clothesline of his own. He crawls to his corner and Koslov comes in. He attacks Richards on the apron. Richards comes in angry and hits Koslov with a missile dropkick. He then boots Koslov in the face and they exchange strikes. He tries for a German Suplex, but Koslov escapes. Romero comes in to do a double team, but Richards shrugs it off and sends Romero out of the ring. Richards kicks Koslov in the head and goes up top for a double stomp. Koslov moves and nails an enziguri. He then kicks Richards multiple times, and kicks Edwards off the apron. He picks Romero up and runs Romero's boots into Richards. Edwards comes in for the save, and takes both Hooligans out with Superkicks.

Edwards nails Koslov with a chin checker, and then Richards lands a tombstone for a near pin fall. The Wolves both hit a double boot stomp, and Romero breaks up the pin attempt. The Wolves try for a double team (with Richards up top) but Romero hits Richards, and Koslov hits a tilt a whirl tornado spike DDT on Edwards. The Hooligans then super hurricanrana Richards for a near pin fall. Richards comes back with a very quick pin attempt on Koslov, but he kicks out. The Wolves hit the alarm clock kick on Koslov, followed by a Suplex/chin checker combo for the win.

Winners: The American Wolves


Roderick Strong vs. Michael Elgin- 2 Out Of 3 Falls

They tie up and Strong takes control. He takes Elgin down to the mat, and goes to work on Elgin's arm. Elgin reverses and Strong pushes him. They exchange elbows, and Elgin takes Strong's head off with a chop. He then hits Strong with a buckle bomb, followed by the Elgin Bomb for the first fall. There is then a 20 second rest period.

They attack each other on the outside, and Elgin dominates. He slams Strong into the barrier several times, and hits him with multiple chops. He rolls Strong to the inside, and as Elgin goes to climb in Strong takes out his knee. Strong then belly to back suplexes Elgin to the floor. Strong slams Elgin into the barrier, and then knife edge chops him several times. He rolls Elgin into the ring for a near pin fall. Strong stomps Elgin to the mat, and drives his shoulder into Elgin's gut. Strong dropkicks Elgin, and then locks in a headlock. Elgin gets to his feet, and runs into the corner. Strong drops the headlock and punches Elgin several times. He kicks Elgin in the head, and then whips him into the corner. He charges Elgin, and Elgin catches him and slams him to the mat.

Elgin goes up top and hits a flying shoulder block. Elgin keeps the attack up and locks in a crossface. Strong gets out and they exchange kicks. Elgin hits a back breaker for a near pin fall. Strong comes back quick and slams Elgin to the mat. He then hits Elgin with a running knee to the gut, followed by a super kick for a near pin fall. Elgin hits Strong with a big boot. He goes for a top rope piledriver, but Strong reverses with the End of Heartache for the second fall. There is then a 20 second rest. Strong immediately attacks Elgin and charges him. Elgin catches him and hits a death valley driver. Elgin goes up top and Strong runs after him to stop him. Elgin hits him off the turnbuckle, and flips off onto Strong. He then hits Strong with two German suplexes. Strong goes to the apron, and Elgin goes up top. He tries to superplex Strong from the apron, but Strong reverses into a powerbomb. Elgin then hits the Elgin Bomb, followed by a crossface. Strong taps out.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Matt Hardy comes down to the ring and says he has overcame the odds. He says Nigel McGuinness tried to do everything to stop him from getting a TV title shot. He says he defied the odds and got a shot. He says the next time he faces Adam Cole, he will become the new TV Champion. He then heads to the commentary table.

Matt Taven (with Truth Martini) vs. Adam Cole - ROH World TV Championship Match

They tie up and Cole takes control. He attacks Taven for a few moments, and Taven rolls to the outside. He talks with Martini, and heads back into the ring. Cole locks in a waistlock, followed by a shoulder block takedown. He then hits a neckbreaker on Taven. He charges Taven, but Taven flips him to the apron. Taven then dropkicks Cole to the outside. Taven goes for a suicide, but Cole hits an enziguri. Cole goes to jump over the ropes, but Martini pulls him down and Taven attacks him off the distraction.

They head to the outside, and fight. Cole eventually chases Martini around the ring, and Taven kicks him in the head. They head back inside, and Taven whips Cole into the corner, followed by a backbreaker. He then hits Cole with a Suplex. He then hits Cole with a flip off the top rope for a near pin fall. Taven distracts the ref, and Martini chokes Cole on the middle rope. Taven punches Cole a couple times, and Cole comes back with multiple forearms. He whips Taven into the corner, but Taven stops before he hits it and turns around, kicking Cole. Taven then rams Cole into the corner. Cole comes back with a boot to the face, followed by several clotheslines and a back body drop. He then flips Taven off his shoulders and lands a backbreaker. Taven goes up top and goes for a crossbody, but Cole dropkicks him in midair. Cole tries for a Suplex, but Cole reverses with a neckbreaker.

Taven puts Cole on the turnbuckle, and tries for a superplex. Cole stops it and tosses him down. He then hits a release German Suplex on Taven, followed by a Shining Wizard. Cole tries to keep up the offense, but Taven lands an enziguri. Cole then comes back by DDTing Taven onto the apron. Cole goes up top and goes for a splash and misses. Cole lands a neckbreaker on Taven, followed by the figure four. He gets to the bottom rope so Cole breaks off. He tries to lock in another, but Martini breaks it up. Cole swings at Martini and turns around. Martini hits him with the Book of Truth in the back, and Taven hits a DDT for the win.

Winner and new ROH TV Champion: Matt Taven

reDRagon vs. The Briscoes - ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

O'Reilly and Mark start things off. Mark takes control with a side headlock, followed by a shoulder knockdown. He hits O'Reilly with a kick to the head, and Fish comes in. Jay comes in and they tie up. Fish backs Jay into the corner, and the ref breaks it up. Jay then locks in a side headlock, and Fish backs him into the corner. Jay punches Fish multiple times, and then kicks him in the head. Mark comes in and chops Fish several times. Jay comes back in and kicks Fish in the corner. Mark comes back in and hits a Suplex. He then kicks Fish, and does some redneck kung fu. Fish kicks Mark in the chest, and O'Reilly comes in. reDRagon double teams Mark, and O'Reilly kicks Mark in the chest several times. Fish and Jay come in, and Fish goes to work on Jay's knee. O'Reilly and Fish exchange tags multiple times, working on Jay's knee.

Eventually, O'Reilly tosses Jay out of the ring. O'Reilly charges off the apron to take him out, but Jay clothesline him in mid air. Mark comes in, and hits Fish with redneck kung fu. He then hits a mule kick on O'Reilly. He hits Fish with a fisherman's suplex. Jay comes in and hits a frog splash. O'Reilly breaks up the pin attempt, and then reDRagon hits Jay with Total Elimination for a near pin fall. Fish goes up top, and Mark pushes him off. He fights O'Reilly on the apron, and The Briscoes hit O'Reilly with the Doomsday Device from the apron. They roll Fish into the ring, and keep the attack up. They signal for the Doomsday Device again, and O'Reilly breaks it up. Mark and O'Reilly exchange headbutts on the apron. As Mark is reeling, Fish comes over and belly to back suplexes him off the apron to the floor. Jay comes in and gets backed into the corner. O'Reilly and Jay fight on the turnbuckle. Fish comes in and reDRagon hit the Doomsday Device. They then hit a kick/brainbuster combo for the win.

Winners and new ROH World Tag Team Champions: reDRagon

Jay Lethal vs. Kevin Steen - ROH World Championship Match

Steen tries to adhere to the code of honor, but Lethal refuses. They exchange strikes and Steen tosses Lethal to the outside. Lethal whips Steen into the barrier, followed by several chops. Steen rakes Lethal's eyes, and whips him into the barrier. Lethal reverses by whipping Steen into the barrier. Steen rolls Lethal into the ring, and Lethal drop toe holds him onto the second rope, followed by a dropkick. He then takes Steen to the corner, and chops him. Steen fights back with several punches, but Lethal lands a dropkick. Lethal then kicks Steen in the corner. Steen comes back and charges Lethal, but Lethal sends him to the apron, and then kicks him to the floor. Lethal then hits two suicide dives. He goes for another, but Steen trips him, and then powerbombs him onto the apron. Steen then picks Lethal up and crotches him on the turnbuckle. He then hits Lethal in the back, and rolls him into the ring. He knees Lethal, and slams him to the mat for a near pin fall. He chokes Lethal on the middle rope, and they exchange strikes. Steen hits a DDT. Lethal tries to fight back with a series of punches, but Steen nails him with a clothesline. Steen goes up top and tries a senton, but Lethal puts his knees up. Lethal then hits a back cracker for a near pin fall.

Lethal tries to keep the attack up, but Steen hits a pump handle Suplex into a back breaker for a near pin fall. Steen goes for the cannonball senton, but Lethal moves and hits a neckbreaker. Lethal signals for the Lethal Injection, but the ref gets taken out accidentally. Lethal lands the Lethal Injection on Steen, and SCUM swarms the ring, attacking Lethal with a spike piledriver. They pull Steen over Lethal and wake the ref up, but Lethal kicks out. Jacobs drops an elbow on the ref, and Nigel McGuinness runs out. He sends Corino from the ring. Jacobs tries to attack Lethal back in the ring, but Lethal enziguri's him. Steen wakes up, and he and Lethal exchange strikes. Lethal hits a running forearm, followed by a pair of dragon suplexes for a near pin fall.

Lethal kicks Steen in the head, but Steen comes back with a sit out powerbomb for a near pin fall. Lethal hits five super kicks, followed by the Lethal Combination. He goes up top and hits the Hail to the King elbow drop for a near pin fall. He locks in a Koji Clutch on Steen, but Steen rolls to the ropes. Steen goes to the apron, and Lethal follows him. Steen F-Cinqs him from the apron through the timekeeper's table, I believe. Steen rolls into the ring as the ref counts. Lethal tries to get back into the ring, but Jacobs grabs his feet. He makes it into the ring right before the ref finishes the 20 count, and Steen hits the package piledriver for a near pin fall. Jacobs gets up on the apron, and Steen tells him to leave. Lethal rolls him up off the distraction for a near pin fall. Lethal super kicks Steen, and Steen nails Lethal with a big clothesline immediately after. Both men are laid out. They get to their feet and Lethal boots Steen. He goes up top and Steen follows him. They fight on the turnbuckle. Lethal hits Steen with multiple right hands, but Steen spikes Lethal's head onto the turnbuckle for the win.

Winner and still ROH World Champion: Kevin Steen

After the match SCUM attacks Lethal. The Briscoes run out to try and save Lethal, but Rhino gores them. Coleman and Alexander run out for the save, but Jimmy Rave runs out with a SCUM shirt and helps SCUM. BJ Whitmer runs out to try and attack SCUM, but Rhett Titus runs out and takes him out. He then rips his shirt off and is wearing a SCUM shirt beneath it. Elgin then runs out to try and attack SCUM, but Cliff Compton runs out and he is wearing a SCUM shirt as well.

Steen comes into the ring and he stares around. The Wolves come out, but SCUM soon overtakes them. Matt Hardy then comes out and he is wearing a SCUM shirt as well. They start handcuffing wrestlers to the ropes as Corino picks up a mic and says he told everyone evil was coming. He says people are witnessing the evolution of SCUM and the destruction of Ring of Honor. He says no one can do anything about it. He says Kevin Steen has proved he is the greatest ROH Champ ever, and he is the king of ROH and the king of pro wrestling. He says their mission has always remained the same, and that ROH should be proud because they are as much involved in the destruction as SCUM. He says he can speak for Kevin Steen when he says the nail has been put in the coffin. He says SCUM has been put down by the company, and they've had to put up with fans complaining. He says they will murder the company. Jimmy Jacobs then attacks a ROH flag and SCUM rips it apart.

Corino says war has been declared, and tonight honor has died.

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