- We get a promo video for tonight's Lethal Lockdown match with Aces & 8s vs. Team TNA.

Lethal Lockdown: Team TNA (Sting, Magnus, Samoa Joe, James Storm and Eric Young) vs. Aces & 8s (Devon, Mr. Anderson, Mike Knox, Doc and Garett Bischoff)

We go to the cage and out first comes Mr. Anderson for Aces & 8s. Out first for Team TNA is Magnus.

They have words to start the match before going at it. Magnus takes Anderson down and shoves him back into the corner. Anderson turns it around and works Magnus over in the corner. Magnus turns it around and does the same. They run the ropes and Magnus nails a flying knee. Magnus goes face first into the cage as the clock hits 1 minute until another Aces & 8s member comes out. More back and forth with Anderson and Magnus. Magnus blocks Mic Check and they both clothesline each other. Out next comes Mike Knox for Aces & 8s.

Knox and Anderson use their advantage and take turns on Magnus. Knox nails a big sidewalk slam and Anderson follows up with a leg drop. The assault on Magnus continues until the next man comes out for Team TNA - Samoa Joe. Joe comes in and unloads on Knox and Anderson. Knox catches a big kick to the head. Anderson cuts him off but Joe and Magnus double team him. Joe with a big senton on Anderson. Magnus works on Anderson while Joe has Knox down in the corner.

Joe and Magnus with more double teaming on Anderson now. The clock counts down and the next man out for Aces & 8s is Garett Bischoff. Garett gos after Magnus with a rake to the face and then beats Joe down. Garett goes back at Magnus and the crowd chants "you can't wrestle." Garett taunts the crowd and turns around to double teaming from Joe and Magnus. Joe with a big double knee drop on Bischoff. Aces & 8s get the upperhand again until Eric Young comes out next for Team TNA. Young dropkicks Bischoff and unloads on Knox.

Young cleans house as the crowd pops. Joe and Knox go at it while Young and Bischoff fight in the corner. Magnus drops a knee on Anderson. Bischoff turns it around on Young and runs his face into the steel. The next man out for Aces & 8s is Devon. Devon comes in and takes out Magnus, Joe and then Young. The crowd chants for tables. Aces & 8s once again have the numbers advantage and control of the match. Young takes Devon down out of nowhere but gets beat down by Bischoff.

The next man out for Team TNA is James Storm. Storm hits the ring and takes down Devon and then Anderson with a neckbreaker. Right hands for Bischoff. Storm takes him tot he corner and then hits Knox with knees to the face. Storm nails Knox with a Last Call and he goes down. Storm works Anderson over in the corner now. The next man out for Aces & 8s is Doc.

Doc hits the cage and lays out Team TNA members. Doc slams Magnus and Knox drops an elbow on him. Aces & 8s stand tall as the crowd boos them. Knox splashes Magnus in the corner with a big clothesline. Doc works him over with body shots now. Anderson with a boot to Storm's face. The next man out for Team TNA is Sting to a big pop. Sting comes out with two trash cans full of weapons. Sting leaves them outside but brings a bat into the ring and cleans house. The rest of the weapons come into play now as Team TNA takes control.

Lots of trash can shots and other weapons. Team TNA has had control since the weapons came in. Joe with a huge trash can shot to Bischoff. Joe rubs the lid into his face and Sting follows up with a Stinger splash. Sting puts a trash can over Anderson's head and splashes him. Sting holds Anderson so Young can hit him with a bat. Young almost hits Sting and they stop to regroup. Anderson takes advantage and takes Sting down. Aces & 8s take control of the weapons and turn things around now. Devon lays Young out with a trash can lid. Knox goes to slam Young on a steel ch air but Young counters and DDT's him onto it. Doc chokeslams Young. Storm decks Doc with a trash can lid and Magnus slams him. Garett Bischoff climbs up to the top of the cage when facing off with Storm and Magnus. They chase him but Devon and Anderson come over for a 5 man superplex. Joe comes over and powerbombs all 5 men. He locks the submission on Anderson but Knox breaks it up right before Anderson tapped. Knox beats Sting down with but Young stops a chairshot. Sting with a Scorpion Death Drop. Sting tells Young to go to the corner. Sting tells him to go higher and Young climbs to the top of the cage. Everyone looks on as Young splashes Knox from the top of the cage with a big elbow. Young covers for the win.

Winners: Team TNA