– Jeremy Borash is backstage with Joseph Park. He says the boys have been ribbing him all week. Kazarian and Daniels come up and tell him Dixie Carter was looking for him in catering. Park rushes off. Kaz says tonight, it’s about Bad Influence and they will become the Tag Team Champions again. Daniels says they are tired of being disrespected by Dixie, TNA and the fans.

Joey Ryan vs. Joseph Park

We go to the ring and out first comes Joey Ryan. Joseph Park is out next.

Ryan cuts a promo before the match, talking about Park’s gut and the fat people of Texas. Ryan calls Park a big mark, since he’s learning insider terms now. Ryan says he has the size advantage where it counts. Ryan says size matters and hands Park the mic. Park says San Antonio rocks and the crowd pops. Ryan attacks Park from behind and the bell sounds. Ryan kicks Park and tries to whip him into the ropes but can’t. Ryan ducks a big boot and rakes Park in the face. Ryan retreats to the floor when Park charges. Park pulls him back into the ring but Ryan drops his neck over the top rope. Ryan comes in but gets hip tossed. Park with a big right hand. Park with another big shot in the corner. Park runs into a big boot. Ryan goes for a crossbody but it doesn’t phase Park. Park misses a splash in the corner and Ryan kicks his leg out. Ryan with right hands now.

Ryan keeps control and covers for another pin attempt. Ryan with several more pin attempts with not much effort. Ryan rubs the baby oil on his chest into Park’s face. Ryan runs and hits another right hand in the corner. Ryan goes to the top and comes down with a missile dropkick. Ryan with another 2 count. Park grabs Ryan by his neck and makes a comeback. Park with a big wedgie and some shoulder blocks. Park with an atomic drop and a shot to the backside. Park runs and splashes Ryan in the corner. Park goes to the top rope but misses a big splash. Ryan tries to roll Park up but Park drops his weight down and covers Ryan for the win.

Winner: Joseph Park