- There's controversy over the Knockouts match earlier. JB is backstage with Taryn Terrell. She talks about her decision but gets attacked by Gail Kim.

= We see the steel cage being erected for the rest of tonight's matches. We see Aces & 8s backstage talking. D-Lo Brown talks about what the group has done to TNA. Brown tells Wes Brisco to go handle club business. They go to get ready for Lethal Lockdown.

- JB is backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle says tonight is the night he makes Wes Brisco famous. Angle says he hasn't forgot about D-Lo Brown and says what he did was unforgivable. Angle says Brown is next. Angle says Brisco is a snot nosed little punk who needs his ass kicked and tonight, it's real... it's damn real. We get a promo video for their match.

Steel Cage Match: Wes Brisco vs. Kurt Angle

We go to the cage and out first comes Wes Brisco. Out next comes Kurt Angle to a decent pop.

The match rings and here we go. Angle goes behind and hits a German suplex on Brisco. Brisco strikes now and takes Angle to the corner. Brisco with shoulder thrusts. Brisco goes to climb the cage but Angle pulls him down and nails a German suplex. Angle keeps control and works Brisco over. Angle with shoulder thrusts now. Brisco fights back and they trade shots. Brisco gets the upperhand and take Angle back to the corner. Brisco with a kick to the back and a mount with right hands. Brisco rips Angle's t-shirt off and chokes him with it.

Angle finally comes back with clotheslines and a big belly to belly suplex. Angles tosses Brisco face first into the cage wall. Brisco finally turns it around again with a low blow. Brisco crawls out of the cage but Angle pulls him back with the ankle lock. Brisco rolls out of it and sends Angle into the cage. Brisco climbs and reaches the top of the cage but Angle climbs up and stops him. They trade shots on the top rope. Angle slams Brisco's face into the cage wall. Angle nails a German from the middle of the top rope to the mat and the crowd pops.

Angle gets up first but Brisco counters. Angle accidentally clotheslines the referee and he goes down. Angle applies the ankle lock and Brisco taps out but the referee is down. Angle breaks the hold and wakes the referee up. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Brisco and flips him the bird. Angle walks out of the cage and holds his hands in the air but the referee didn't see him leave. D-Lo Brown attacks from behind and throws Angle back in the cage. D-Lo pulls Brisco out of the cage as the referee is getting up and turning around.

Winner: Wes Brisco