Video: Chris Jericho Talks To WWE About His Return Being Kept A Secret

As noted yesterday, Chris Jericho spoke to about his latest return to the company.

"It was just really, really cool to know that we could still keep a secret and keep a nice surprise," Jericho said of this return. "But there was no rumors at all that Jericho was going to come back at the Rumble. If I go to a movie, I don't want to know what the ending of it is before I go.

"What would people expect if Jericho was coming back? Well, some kind of complicated clues. I thought, 'what if there was no clues? I just showed up?' I like being the master of puppets sometimes when it comes to the fans. I think that we kind of really surprised a lot of experts that think they know everything but they really don't. I think it's one of the reasons that the reaction was so huge. It's definitely one of the best nights of my career.

"The hardest part was just waiting for the shoe to drop, and waiting for somebody to find out I was going to be there. I was like so scared, like kind of crawling under the cover of night to get to this little bus where I was hiding, hoping that no one would see me. And that, like some parking attendant going 'oh, Jericho's here.' And when nobody did I was just like this is, this is amazing."

You can watch that portion of the interview in the video above.


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