WWE NXT Recap: Alberto Del Rio Appearance, Bo Dallas Vs. Bray Wyatt, More

The show opens this week with a video about how Alberto Del Rio will be on NXT tonight.

Kassius Ohno vs. Derrick Bateman

They tie up and Ohno flips Bateman to the mat. Bateman lands several chops, and Ohno slams his head to the mat. Bateman gets back up quick and slams Ohno into the turnbuckle. He hits a snap Suplex, and then whips Ohno into the corner. Ohno goes to the apron and does a cravate using the ropes. He then boots Bateman in the head, goes back into the ring and lands a senton followed by a spinning senton.

He punches Bateman, and locks in another cravate. Bateman gets out and hits a standing dropkick. He hits a big lariat and a series of shoulder knockdowns. Bateman locks in a side headlock, but Ohno reverses and lands a big boot to the face for the win.

Winner: Kassius Ohno

After the match, Ohno locks in a sort of modified STF and refuses to break it. William Regal runs down and breaks it up. Ohno comes after him, but Regal punches him in the face. Ohno rolls out of the ring as Regal looks on with a regret type look on his face.

Then, Rene Young is backstage with Bo Dallas. Dallas says Bray Wyatt has his attention. He says he loathes Wyatt. He says what he does to Wyatt later in the show, he'll never forget.

Emma vs. Summer Rae

They tie up and Emma hits a quick roll up. Emma kicks Summer in the gut, and then flips Summer across the ring by her hair. Summer is seated in the corner, and Emma hits her with a flying crossbody. Summer comes back and takes Emma's legs out, and then flips her over into the ropes in the corner. She does the same thing again for a near pin fall.

Summer then goes to work on Emma's leg. She eventually locks in an Indian death lock. Emma fights out and they exchange pin attempts. Summer hits a standing dropkick, and then boots Emma in the corner. She charges Emma, and runs into a boot. Emma hits Summer with a lariat, and then a quick roll up. Summer hits a spinning back kick for the win.

Winner: Summer Rae

As soon as the referee hits the three count, Paige's music hits, and she comes down to the ring. She lunges at Summer, but Summer awkwardly dives out of the ring. Paige screams that she's back.

Then, Rene Young is backstage with Adrian Neville. He says Oliver Grey is going to be just fine. He says the Wyatt Family won't be fine though. He says what they did doesn't sit right with him, and he issues an open challenge to the Wyatt Family. He tells Dusty to pick anyone, and that what he does will pale in comparison to what they did to Grey.

Then, Big E Langston is talking with Matt Striker. Langston says that Conor O'Brian earned his title shot by defeating two NXT superstars. Langston says it will be his first title defense, and Langston says he will make sure it is dominant and delicious.

Bray Wyatt vs. Bo Dallas

The two tie up and Wyatt backs Dallas into the corner. Wyatt drops to the mat and Dallas yells at him to fight him, and Wyatt laughs. They tie up again, and Wyatt elbows Dallas in the head. Wyatt locks in a side headlock. Dallas gets out and whips Wyatt into the ropes, but Wyatt hits a brutal crossbody. He drops an elbow on Dallas, and then locks in a sort of chin lock

Dallas gets out and tries to bound off the ropes, but Wyatt elbows him to the mat. Wyatt then stands in a lunging position over Dallas and puts his arms out, laughing. Back from commercial, and Wyatt has the same chin lock thing locked in, singing. Dallas fights out, but Wyatt whips him into the turnbuckle. He body slams Dallas, and then sits on him and pulls his head up.

Dallas tries to fight back with a series of punches and a clothesline, but Wyatt lands an ura-nage for a near pin fall. He puts Dallas in the corner and lands a body avalanche. Wyatt dances with Dallas around the ring, but Dallas elbows Wyatt and then hits a sloppy belly to belly out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas

After the match, the Wyatt Family runs down and attacks Dallas. They stomp him in the ring. Dallas fights back and sends Harper and Rowan from the ring, but Wyatt hits Dallas with his swinging reverse STO.

Then, Rene Young is backstage with Justin Gabriel. He talks about how he used to read about Leo Kruger in S. Africa and that his time in the military messed him up. He says he wants a match against Kruger next week.

Then Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and announces Alberto Del Rio, who comes out next. He talks about the WWE Universe at Full Sail University being fantastic. He says there is a lot of talent at NXT. Antonio Cesaro then comes out, and he says that in NXT there may be the next World Heavyweight Champion, but he is the greatest champion in the WWE. He challenges Del Rio to a champion vs. champion match.

Dusty Rhodes then comes out and he says they don't know how they do it in Sweden. Cesaro yells Switzerland and Rhodes apologizes. He says that Del Rio is a guest here, and Cesaro doesn't make matches. He says that if Cesaro wants a champion vs. champion match, then he can face Big E. Langston.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Big E. Langston

Back from commercial, and the two wrestlers are going back and forth. Cesaro knees Langston in the gut multiple times, and then uppercuts him. Langston throws Cesaro across the ring, and then uppercuts him again. Cesaro locks in a three quarter nelson, and Langston eventually fights out.

Cesaro backs Langston into the corner and drives his shoulder into his gut. Langston fights back and charges Cesaro, but Cesaro moves and slams Langston's head to the mat. Cesaro knees Langston in the jaw, and then picks him up and hits a delayed Gutwrench Suplex. Cesaro then locks in a sleeper.

Langston fights out and hits a pair of clotheslines, and then several knees to the gut, and then a running body block. Corey Graves runs to the ring and attacks Langston, but Langston clotheslines him.

No Contest

Conor O'Brian then runs down to the ring and attacks Langston. Him and Graves then double team Langston and beat him down to end the show.


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