El Generico's Match At Axxess Stopped, Brodus Clay's Favorite NXT Wrestler, More HOF Notes

- There were two other matches that were at Axxess last night. Kassius Ohno defeated Xavier Woods and Leo Kruger defeated Sami Zayn (f.k.a. El Generico) after the match was stopped when Zayn's nose got busted open. Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Raymo Nation for the pic above of Zayn's busted nose.

- Brodus Clay spoke to The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show about his favorite wrestler in NXT.

"One of my favorite guys to watch is Austin Creed, he is amazing, a smaller guy that packs a punch," Brodus said. "I like Camacho. I like, their getting ready to come back, him and Hunico. Always been a big Camacho fan."

- Here are some more notes from last night's WWE Hall of Fame, courtesy of WrestlingINC.com readers Kerry and @Lakers0316:

Hot crowd. Building exploded for Mick Foley, but his speech went on forever.

MVP apparently wasn't joking about being at WrestleMania this weekend, as he was in the crowd.

Trish Stratus' husband got huge heat when it was revealed that Trish was pregnant.

Huge YES! chant when Vince said he thinks he would make a great president.

When Cena took his seat around 7:40 he was booed.

There were CM Punk chants all night. When we went live, Punk was carrying an "Applause" sign around the floor.

Bon Backlund after the show jumped off the stage and ran into the stands and the floor high fiving fans and screaming and running around until he was finally being pulled to the back.

Fans lined the exterior of MSG to watch guys come out. Mostly everyone (Orton, Taker, RVD, JBL) gave a nice waive and said thank you but CM Punk gave everyone a look of disgust and hopped in his car. True to character.

Shaggy Rowell, Craig Anderson, Kerry and @Lakers0316 contributed to this article.


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