ROH TV Recap: Matt Taven Defends Against ACH, Strong Vs. Bennett, More

Kevin Steen starts the show off as he comes down to the ring. He takes up the mic and Steve Corino comes down to the ring. Corino says that Steen has been ignoring him. He says he knows losing the title was hard on him. He says the loss doesn't matter and the mission to kill ROH is still the same. Steen says that the mission used to make sense, but since Jim Cornette is gone the company is now fine the way it is. He says his mission now is to get another shot at the title. The rest of SCUM come down and surround the ring.

Steen says he liked SCUM when it was just him, Corino and Jacobs. He says he can get behind Corino's plan, but not while Matt Hardy is in SCUM. Corino says that he and Steen aren't on the same page anymore and that they should go separate ways. Steen says that they can either go peacefully, or they can do what Corino looks like he is going to do start something they'll regret. Corino says that they can't part peacefully so Steen attacks Hardy. The rest of SCUM swarms Steen and Hardy hits him with the Twist of Fate.

Roderick Strong vs. Mike Bennett (with Brutal Bob Evans)

Mike Mondo is on commentary for this match. They tie up and Strong goes to work on Bennett's arm. He hits him with a missile dropkick and goes for the pin. Things head outside and they brawl around the ring. Strong gets some big chops and sends Bennett into the barricade. Bennett reverses Strong's attack and sends him into the barricade. He then talks trash on Mondo. Things head back into the ring and Bennett nails Strong with a spine buster. He follows it up with an elbow and a sleeper hold.

Strong breaks free and lands several chops, followed by a dropkick. He tries to whip Bennett, who holds onto the ropes. Strong charges and Bennett puts a boot up. Bennett charges and Strong sends him to the outside. Strong nails a dropkick between the ropes. They brawl around the outside again. Strong slams Bennett into the barrier. Bennett tries to whip Strong into Mondo, but Strong stops. Bennett charges Strong, who moves out of the way.

Bennett slams into Mondo. Strong lifts up Bennett and drops him onto the apron. He sends Bennett into the ring and lands a flying knee, followed by a backbreaker. He tries to lock in the Stronghold, but can't get it. They exchange strikes and Bennett hits a spear for a near pin fall. Brutal Bob gets up on the apron to distract the ref and Mondo pulls him off. Strong hits the End of Heartache for the win.

Winner: Roderick Strong

After the match, Mondo attacks both Bennett and Strong and they all start brawling. The officials come down and break it up.

Jorge Santi vs. Tadarius Thomas

They tie up and exchange reversals. They go back and forth with athletic style moves for a few moments and SCUM swarms the ring, attacking both men.

No Contest

Corino comes out and takes up the mic. He says that their focus is still the same despite what happened with Steen. He says that the people should thank SCUM because thanks to them, Steen's ugly face will never be seen in ROH again. Nigel McGuinness then comes down to the ring. He tells Corino to shut up. He says SCUM is dissolving back down the drain. Corino says that SCUM is stronger than ever and that he is God. Nigel brings Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin down to the ring and tells Corino to leave. Corino says that like the God he is, he is spreading his word. He says he wants a title shot for his spiritual son (Hardy).

Nigel tells them that no one from SCUM deserves a shot. Corino says to just give them one shot and if ROH wins, Corino will leave wrestling for good. Corino says despite that, he knows Nigel won't give him a shot. He calls him a hypocrite for talking about honor. Corino says that he saw Nigel's documentary and talks trash on it. Nigel snaps and says at Border Wars, it will be Lethal and Elgin vs. two members of SCUM and if SCUM wins, Corino can pick a member of SCUM to have a title shot. He says but if ROH wins, then Corino has to leave ROH forever. Corino says no. He wants something else. He says if SCUM wins, he gets to become a main part of the commentary team to speak the truth until the company is dead. Nigel says he'll see Corino at Border Wars and Corino says no, he'll see him next week.

Inside ROH is then shown. Jay Briscoe asks Adam Cole who he thinks he is. He says he's going to defeat him at Border Wars. Then ACH is shown. He says he is glad people don't think he'll be able to beat Matt Taven for the TV title because it gives him extra motivation. Mark Briscoe, who won a TV title shot last wee, says he hopes ACH wins because Taven probably caught a disease from Truth Martini.

Matt Taven (c) with Truth Martini and Scarlet Bordeaux vs. ACH ROH World Television Championship

A brief recap of ACH winning a title shot is shown. They chain wrestle back and forth. ACH lands a head scissors, followed by a dropkick. Taven tries to come back with strikes, but ACH lands a clothesline. ACH knocks Taven to the floor. He lands a baseball slide and an Air Jordan. Back from commercial and Taven attempts a corkscrew springboard senton, but ACH moves. ACH lands several clotheslines. Taven goes to the outside and ACH lands a dive through the ropes.

Things go back in the ring. ACH lands a crossbody for a near pin fall. He goes for a springboard something, but Martini pulls the top rope. ACH lands on his feet and grabs Martini, but Taven hits a baseball slide. Taven sets ACH up on the apron and lands a big neckbreaker. The ref starts counting and ACH gets back in right before the 20 count. Taven tries what looks like a DDT but ACH reverses into a roll up attempt, ACH tries for the Big Bang Attack, but Taven reverses. Taven keeps the attack up but ACH reverses with an enziguri. ACH lands a hurricanrana from the top rope. He goes back up top and hits a frog splash. Bordeaux gets up on the apron and distracts the ref. Martini trips ACH on the ropes. Matt Taven hits his headlock driver finisher for the win.

Winner and still champion: Matt Taven


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