'Taker - Paul Bearer Note, Brodus Clay On Part Time Stars, Trish, Lita, AJ Lee On Her Wild Year

- Thanks to AllCityImages.com for sending the pic above from Friday's Be A Star rally at the IZOD Center in New Jersey. NorthJersey.com has an article about the rally at this link.

- Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Kerry for sending in this note from The Undertaker's VIP signing at Axxess this past weekend: "Taker very personal, friendly, I had him sign a pic with Paul Bearer and he seemed genuinely touched. Backstage tour very cool, Gerald Briscoe was extremely nice, talkative. The VIP pics are being taken by WWE staff and they scan the barcode on your VIP passcode for online viewing."

- AJ Lee discussed her crazy last year with The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show, stating, "You could've maybe stretched everything I've had the amazing opportunity to do over like 3 or 4 years, and not everyone, let alone a female, is that lucky to kind of, one door closes and another one opens and it has an amazing roller coaster and I've been so insanely grateful."

- The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show also spoke with Brodus Clay, who had this to say about part-timers headlining this year's top WrestleMania matches: "I see both sides of that argument Anytime a legend or someone has meant what he has meant to the business like the Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, even Brock Lesnar, they come into the biggest event of the year and they make it bigger, and for those of us trying to get their, obtain there, its a wake up call. You gotta step your game up. So when they do come they have to knock on your door. If you have to look at it as a challenge. i could see the other side of it where it could be disparaging Like, 'Aww man I worked hard all year but theirs no room because we have the greats. But their the greats. If you get great, get great."

– Trish Stratus will serve as a celebrity guest judge on Food Network Canada's hit show Top Chef. Trish will appear on the show this Monday April 8th at 9pm ET/10pm PT as chefs prepare a healthy and balanced meal for roller derby participants.

– The first episode of former WWE Diva Lita's new radio show Discordia is available at this link.

Kerry and Hardeep Asrani contributed to this article.