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- We kick off with a message to #PrayForBoston. We go to a video package of recent events. Who's side is AJ Styles on? He faces James Storm tonight. Can anyone stop Aces & 8's?

- We go to crows shots from Corpus Christi, TX.

The announcers talk about "last week's" Full Metal Mayhem match. We see footage of Jeff Hardy being carted out on a stretcher. We get Hulk Hogan's upset and speechless reaction as the ambulance takes Hardy away.

- We go backstage as Devon approaches Wes and Garett and asks if they are ready to face Angle. Devon tells them to not dare take Angle lightly. Wes and Garett joke around nonchalantly but Devon stays serious and tells them to make sure Angle gets beaten.

- We go to the ring as Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff come to the ring and we see footage recapping how this all came about. Kurt Angle makes his entrance.

Handicap Match: Kurt Angle vs. Garett Bischoff & Wes Brisco

Kurt goes to work on Wes. Angle hits a belly to belly on Wes and Garett tags in but he is hesitant. Angle slowly schools him and hits stomps in the corner. Wes comes in illegally and gets a back bodydrop. Angle tosses Wes out to the floor as we go to break.

Angle is still in control as we return but Wes hits him with a low blow from behind and Garett takes over. Wes tags in and resumes offense. Angle fights up from a headlock and hits a suplex to escape. Wes crawls and tags Garett but Angle hits a flurry of clotheslines and suplexes to both men. Angle then hits 2 consecutive Germans on Wes and grabs Garett for a tandem on the 3rd.

Angle hits the Angle Slam on Garett but Wes makes the save. D-Lo Brown and Mr. Anderson come to ringside. Angle applies the Ankle Lock on Wes as D-Lo tosses Garett a chain. Garett hits Angle behind the ref's back with the chain and makes the cover for the victory.

Winners by pin: Wes Brisco & Garett Bischoff

Wes and Garett deliver a double powerbomb to Angle in the ring with D-Lo directing traffic. Mr. Anderson gets on the mic and talks about all the TNA heroes being decimated. He says they are rooting for AJ Styles. - We see promos/video of Zema Ion and Petey Williams talking about their match tonight. We go to commercial.

- We're back as Zema Ion is introduced. Petey Williams is out next followed by Kenny King.

X Division Championship: Kenny King (c) vs. Zema Ion vs. Petey Williams

King goes right to work on both men before the bell even rings. We see some footage from the X-Cam which is worn by the referee. King hits Ion with an Enzuigiri and he rolls to the floor. Petey counters with a Canadian Destroyer on King but Ion makes the break. Petey and Ion fight over making the pin. King rolls to the floor as Ion and Williams mix it up in the ring.

We get some boring chants as the action is considerably slower. More shots from the yellow-tinted X-Cam. I hear some Fandango humming. Ion and Williams trade shots in the center of the ring as King slowly pulls himself in the ring. Williams goes though the ropes and takes out King. Back in the ring, Williams hits Ion with a German Suplex and a hurricanrana over the top to King on the floor. Ion hits a spike DDT to Williams in the ring for 2. This is a slow X Division match. Williams gets his knees up to counters Ion and they go back and forth. Petey applies a Sharpshooter to Ion but King dropkicks Williams in the face and pins Ion.

Winner by pin And Still TNA X Divisiom Champion: Kenny King

- Magnus is approaches backstage for comments. He says he will take the TV Title from Devon tonight.

- Earlier Today: Brooke and Christy Hemme talk in the locker room about the NEW TNA Knockouts website which launches April 25. Brooke thanks Christy and says she loves it. Christy leaves and Brooke calls in Tessmacher and Mickie James and wishes them luck. Mickie leaves and Tessmacher tells Brooke she is here for her if she needs anything. They hug and Tessmacher leaves.

TNA Television Championship: Devon (c) vs. Magnus

Devon is introduced and he makes his way through the crowd. Magnus is introduced and he is jumped on the stage by Knux and DOC. Magnus takes them both out and spears Knux. Devon joins them and the numbers game is too much. Magnus continues to try to fight back but they hold him as Devon hits him with a chain. DOC and Knux hit a double chokeslam on the ramp to Magnus. Samoa Joe comes out and Aces & 8's retreat. We go to break.

No Contest

- We're back as Joe cuts an impassioned promo in the back. He says tonight he will come to collect and he will see Devon in the ring.

- Footage of the AJ saga is shown.

- We see footage from 2 weeks ago as Velvet Sky gets her injured leg checked out by the trainers.

- Back to the ring as Miss Tessmacher makes her entrance followed by Mickie James as we go to commercial.

Knockouts #1 Contender's Match: Mickie James vs. Miss Tessmacher

ODB is the referee. The girls lock up a couple of times to a stalemate. Mickie takes Tessmacher over but they hold on to the lock-up. ODB makes them break. Tessmacher tries to steal a win with a roll-up from behind and gets 2. Mickie James applies an armbar but Tessmacher reaches the ropes and goes out to regroup.

Brooke pulls Mickie to the floor and they trade shots. ODB goes out to intervene and sends them in the ring. The crowd is pretty quiet. Brooke hits a faceplant in the corner for a near fall. Tessmacher hits the Stinkface on Mickie in the corner. Mickie hits a flapjack and goes up top for a Thesz Press and gets 2. Mickie and Tessmacher hit simultaneous clotheslines as ODB counts them both on the mat.

They recover and counter each other back and forth. Mickie rolls Tessmacher up and holds her down for the win.

Winner and #1 Contender for the Knockouts Title: Mickie James

- Bad Influence follows AJ Styles backstage and sing into the camera, "We're the 3 best friends that anyone can have."

- Joseph Park is confronted by Devon in the back. Bully hits Park from behind and says he knows what is best for Brooke. Devon chokes him with the chain as Bully tells him to stay out of family business. They toss him into the shower and turn it on. Park cries in his suit in the shower as we break for commercial.

- Mickie James talks about what winning the #1 Contendership means to her. She says she has been pushed aside for a year and a half and it's time she shines.

- James Storm gives his thoughts on AJ in the locker room. He says after he gives AJ the Last Call, maybe he can knock some sense into him.

- We go to the ring as Bad Influence comes out. Daniels grabs the mic first and says the year of Bad Influence continues. They show off their new show available on ShopTNA. He says they are in talks for a movie starring Morgan Freeman as Dixie Carter. Daniels says the cherry on their exciting lives will be convincing AJ to join them. Kazarian switches gears to Chavo and Hernandez. He mispronounces their names and says Bad Influence will be world tag champs of the world for a 3rd time.

Roode and Aries interrupt and tell them they are not the #1 contenders. The two teams bicker back and forth about who is getting the title match. Chavo and Hernandez come out and put a stop to the nonsense and take out Bad Influence as Roode and Aries retreat. Chavo holds up the titles and says that is why they are better.

- Back from a break as Kenny King, Gail Kim, Roode react to Aces & 8's path of destruction as we see footage of Jeff Hardy getting put in an ambulance from last week with a stressed-out Hogan at his side.

- Matt Morgan notes all of Hogan's mistakes in the recent past. He says all this could have been avoided if Hogan had done the right thing and made him #1 contender.

TNA Television Championship: Devon (c) vs. Samoa Joe

Devon is out first followed by Joe. Devon attacks Joe from behind but he quickly recovers and hits vicious shots to Devon in the corner. Joe drops a big knee and gets 2. Devon gets the upper-hand and he gets 2 then goes to a rear chinlock. Joe fights up and whips Devon in and follows up with an Enzuigiri. Wes and Garett come out to interfere but Joe takes care of them. Mr. Anderson hits Joe with brass knuckles behind the ref's back and Devon makes the cover for the win.

Winner by pin And Still TV Champion: Devon

Aces & 8's celebrates in the ring. Devon holds Joe and Anderson strikes him in the face with the brass knucks.

- AJ Styles and James Storm walk toward the ring in the back as we go to break.

- We're back as the lovely Christy Hemme introduces James Storm to the ring. AJ Styles is out next in his leather jacket and hoodie. He walks out slowly and stares at Storm then turns to leave.

AJ Styles vs. James Storm

Storm runs up the entrance and they scrap on the ramp. They get in the ring and the bell rings. AJ takes control of Storm but Storm hits a high knee and mounts AJ for some strikes. AJ is back in control as we go to break.

AJ hits a suplex as we return to action and goes to a reverse chinlock. Storm fights out and hits a flurry. Storm hits a high back bodydrop and drops him in a modified F5 for 2. Storm puts AJ up top but AJ slips through and hits a dropkick to an upside down Storm in the corner. Bad Influence come down the ramp.

Both Storm and AJ go to the floor and mix it up at ringside. AJ sends Storm back in but Storm hits him with Closing Time. AJ blocks the Last Call and puts Storm in an ankle lock. Storm is forced to tap.

Winner by submission: AJ Styles

Kazarian and Daniels get in the ring to celebrate with and raise AJ's hand. AJ turns on them and lays them out. Storm gets up as AJ leaves up the ramp and Aces & 8's comes out to take Storm and Bad Influence apart. Bully gets on the mic and says they are responsible for destroying TNA's heroes. He says we have no heroes left. Bully tells Hogan that he will call him out next week and tell him to his face that he is the reason why all TNA's heroes are victims.

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