WWE Smackdown Review: Undertaker Demoralized - Courtesy Of The Shield

This episode of Smackdown was the second installment from the O2 Arena in London, England. Due to the shocking upset of The Shield defeating The Undertaker and Team Hell No on Raw, Dean Ambrose competed in his first televised singles match against The Undertaker, with the Phenom attempting to gain some retribution.

Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio was a good match, and a great way to open the show. They both have a ton of athleticism, and can put on a clinic. This is what the WWE should have done in the first place, instead of rush a world title feud for WrestleMania—give the two a fair build, so the crowd can organically get behind ADR. Swagger getting the win was predictable, seeing how ADR won last week, but that was fine.

Layla vs. Aksana was decent. It made sense to have the "hometown girl" be included in a singles match on Smackdown, and winning. Aksana has vastly improved in the ring, showing her aggressiveness more than ever. With a bit more time, she could be utilized as a top heel diva.

Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel was a way to rouse the UK crowd. Fandango should stick to that spinning Complete Shot finisher instead of the leg drop, though. If he keeps doing that, he won't physically be able to compete for as long as he wants. Justin Gabriel needs to stop being the resident jobber boy. He has a ton of potential, and has shown with his small U.S. Title feud with Antonio Cesaro that he has what it takes to become a midcard champion.

Big Show vs. Sheamus was a good hard-hitting match that was on par with the World Heavyweight Championship bouts they had last year. This feud always brings the best out of the Big Show, and this match was no different. It made sense that Mark Henry caused Sheamus the match, seeing how they are revisiting the feud between the two. That KO punch to Sheamus was echoing.

The match between Wade Barrett and William Regal was fitting, seeing how both of then are from the UK. Regal was a good opponent for Barrett to prevent him from getting hometown pops over another babyface. This is probably why Barrett cut a promo on the mic before his match.

Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton was decent, and provided a way for Sheamus to gain some retribution for Henry's distraction during his match. It was interesting why Mark Henry received a DQ win, but Sheamus received a pin loss. Maybe this is to build Henry up to job to Sheamus at Extreme Rules.

Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose was a good match. The contrasting styles gelled together, and the involvement of Rollins and Reigns throughout the match gave Ambrose opportunities to gain leverage. Kudos to Undertaker for putting over The Shield, being a recipient of a triple powerbomb. This really shows that he has significant investment in this trio, and they are being groomed to having a long Freebird-style title run.

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