Cody Rhodes Talks Underrated WWE Stars, Storylines He Loves, Current Pointless Feud

Cody Rhodes recently sat down with Mike Jones of DC 101. Here are some highlights from the interview.

If the moment during his match on RAW this week when Randy Orton was about to give him a superplex was the highlight of the match: "I think there was a moment in there after that, when he went to RKO me, we snuck him in with the Cross Rhodes. Just to hear 14000 strong there in Columbus, to hear them actually bite, I guess is the best way to put it, to hear that was at the point in the night when win, lose, draw, DQ, non DQ, whatever it was, I could walk away rather satisfied."

If he had fun during the recent European tour: "You know what, I really was blown away because I got the opportunity to go to Russia for the first time. I've done Western Europe. I've done the United Kingdom. To be, in my lifetime, a place that was under the shroud of communism and to be there kind of in the heart of the Soviet Union and now it's just capital free and WWE programs are in their homes, it's really just unique for me. I really enjoyed it."

If the fans in Russia are intense: "It was cool, they were new fans. Every place we go has a different sound, especially when you're crossing waters; a different pace to them. They were really new. So, it's almost that they didn't know it was okay to go nuts until maybe the end of the second match. Now it's okay. They don't have to have some uniform chant. They can chant whatever they want. So we heard some things we don't hear in the States [laughter]. It just kind of made us laugh. But also we go with what they give us. We're not going to give you the same thing that we gave them the night before just because it's easy. That was a new market for us and I think with the success of both St. Petersburg and Moscow hopefully we'll be going back."

How he feels about the Swagger, Del Rio and Ziggler rivalry: "Well I think when you have this scenario where you have a triple threat, the champion, whether you see it or not, is always at a disadvantage. But, the cool elements to what's going on there is that it's not just Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler. There's a whole posse. They each have quite the group of rogues along with them. There's Zeb Colter, that goes everywhere with Jack Swagger. There's Big E. Langston and AJ, who go everywhere with Dolph and there's Ricardo Rodriguez who, since we're talking about this past Monday, he wrestled a match with Zubaz on. I haven't seen Zubaz since the late eighties, early nineties of sports entertainment. So that was the boldest thing that happened on all of RAW, was Ricardo's Zubaz."

What other storylines he is following intently: "The post Wrestlemania fallout is always extremely intriguing because it's just interesting to see who moves forward, who survives and who starts the path to Wrestlemania 30 on the right foot. I'll be honest, it's not necessarily a story line, but something I've really picked up and been keen to watch is Kofi Kingston, who just now is again the United States Champion. He also had a baby boy this week and Kofi has, for a long time, been one of the most underrated superstars in the WWE and as we head to Wrestlemania 30 it's those type of guys [that he watches]. It's Cesaro. It's Kofi Kingston. It's Dolph Ziggler. It's myself. It's that bearded maniac who hangs out there with me, Damien Sandow. It's all these superstars that I want to see on Wrestlemania 30, that I want to see moving forward, elevate themselves. That's only natural because the audience has seen them long enough now to where the audience is really starting to get behind different individuals from that group."

If Kofi vs. Cesaro this week on Main Event upped the status of the show: "Anytime you can see something, I thought I was so brilliant when I vertical suplexed Rey Mysterio from the second rope and held him there. It was trumped, I though incredibly last night when Cesaro superplexed a man who wasn't on the buckle. His feet were on the apron and he was still able to pull him in and do it. It was just hands down, hard to beat. When you look at guys competitively and say alright, I'm going to go out there and top this, which is what we want to do, that one was tough."

What's next for him, finishing stuff with Tons of Funk and teaming with Sandow, or singles wrestling: "That's what I don't understand about Tons of Funk. We don't have any business with Tons of Funk. I think in the situation where we're supposed to be the bad guys, hell, half the time Brodus is making fun of me and Tensai is bullying folks around. So, we don't have any business with those two other than just doing our best to incredibly supersede them in the ring. I think for me it will be, this year is rather pivotal as far as what happens next. I had all the momentum in the world as the Intercontinental Champion going into Wrestlemania 28. This year I didn't have all the momentum in the world. It wasn't a bad year, or anything like that. That's, to me, unacceptable. I want to move forward, heading into Wrestlemania 30, as the same guy that everyone said okay, these are the two. Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes. They're the future. Well, we're kind of reaching the future. So it's my job now. It's no one else's job to be speculative or analytical. It's my job now to do what I did Monday, maybe on the winning side, and keep going. I think the fans, who ultimately dictate everything that we do, are the ones who have watched me grow up in front of them from undersized and underwhelming to one of the most well rounded performers we got."

You can listen to the interview above.

Source: DC 101


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