Jim Ross On What Is The Most Anticipated Match At Extreme Rules, Cena Vs. Ryback, Lesnar Vs. HHH

Jim Ross posted his latest blog at JRSBBQ.com looking at Sunday's Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Here are some highlights:

John Cena vs. Ryback: "WWE Champion John Cena is in a vulnerable position leading into Extreme Rules where many feel that the polarizing WWE Champion will fall to #1 Challenger Ryback. I can't make a valid argument against that theory."

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H in a steel cage: "If the Brock Lesnar vs. HHH Steel Cage match doesn't close the PPV, it's going to make whatever follows this Slobber Knocker have to really hunker down to top what I expect to be the most anticipated bout at Sunday's PPV. The physicality in this contest will be prominent and I expect a no frills, in your face, main event.

"Don't discount @HeymanHustle Paul Heyman's involvement in this Sunday's ferocious festivities as Lesnar's 'representative' who one would assume will be stationed at ringside. Will Heyman play a role in a Lesnar win Sunday?"

Much more is contained in Ross' latest blog, including his thoughts on hunting with Shawn Michaels, the 53rd birthday of the late Dr. Death Steve Williams, RAW this past Monday night and much more. You can check out the full entry by clicking here.

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Source: JR's BBQ


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