Orton Says Extreme Rules Was Magical, Fandango Says Jericho Got Lucky, Bryan Rants, More

- WWE reporters spoke with Dr. Sampson backstage at last night's Extreme Rules. He talked about how closely they looked at Big Show after Randy Orton's punt kick. There were no signs of concussion but he will be re-evaluated today. Dr. Sampson also talked about how John Cena refused a hospital trip but was evaluated backstage. Sampson also talked about Triple H and said he would be evaluated on Monday but appeared to be fine.

- WWE cameras also caught up with Randy Orton after his Extreme Rules win over Big Show. Orton called the moment magical.

- Daniel Bryan was upset backstage when WWE.com cameras caught up with him. Bryan yelled about always appearing as the weak link in Team Hell No. Kane tried to calm him down and gave props to The Shield for what they did last night but told them their luck will be coming to an end soon.

- Kofi Kingston spoke to WWE.com after losing the United States Title to Dean Ambrose. Kofi promised he would bounce back from the loss and get his gold back. Kofi said he planned for all three Shield members but when just Ambrose came to the ring, it threw him off.

- Chris Jericho spoke to the WWE cameras after his win over Fandango. Jericho says Fandango is good but he's not great, he's still learning. Jericho says he taught Fandango how to dance, Y2J style.

- Finally, WWE cameras caught up with Fandango after the loss. Fandango says Jericho got lucky and he made a mistake. Fandango then teased something with Jericho for tonight's RAW.


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