Mike Bucci, f.k.a. Simon Dean, took offense to former WWE star Bob Holly calling him “a stooge” in Bob Holly’s recently released autobiography. Bucci wrote the following on his Facebook page:

“Personally, he was despised by all who ever met him for being an a–hole bully who sucked the air out of every room he ever came into. Every person I ever knew in WWE hated the guy, with good reason. He was always miserable and treated everyone like crap. From taking liberties on Matt Capottelli (and to this day , how anyone can condone what happened, is truly insane) to beating up his fellow-drug-addict-loser-travel partner Rene Dupree, Bob showed his true colors, unless of course, the victims name was Brock Lesner, and then we all know how that worked out.

“He was also the biggest ‘stooge’ in company history as he spent more time on the road and TV in Johnny’s office than Johnny’s suit coat did! If you blinked the wrong way or sneezed , good old Plug was off to the races to Johnny, Vince, Taker or JBL..didn’t matter who, that was how he stirred up sh** constantly for no reason, hence the reason he was there for so long. I don’t care about stating the obvious , due to the fact I’m not going back to WWE either, so I guess that makes me and Bob equal…

“In thinking about it, I don’t actually hate Bob. I pity him. You know why? Because of his ruined legacy and how he went out. Is Bob working as an agent or trainer? No. Is he in TNA or any other company? No. Even the few indys that had him never wanted him back. His ‘wrestling industry christmas card list’ is probably 5 people long and no one has ever had a good word to say about him. Every agent who ever had his matches hated dealing with him and his lousy attitude.

“Finally, lets all take a look at how Robert was cast off from the gates of the WWE. Did creative have nothing for him? No. Did he refuse a new contract? No. Did he get injured. No. His dismisal came after he was basically found crawling around backstage STEALING drugs from his ‘brothers’. This had been going on for a while, so finally someone (Ken Kennedy, and good for him) decided to tell the office that Sticky Fingers had to go. And that was that…

“In closing , this will be the only time I address this misfit. The guy who pumped my gas this morning meant more to me than Bob ever did. In fact, he probably meant more, due to the fact he had a smile on his face and was a pleasure to be around…”

Source: PWInsider

Adam contributed to this article.