Dolph Ziggler & AJ On News 19, Has JR Contacted Tim Tebow?, TMZ Covers Jack Swagger's Trial

- AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler appeared on News 19 in Columbia, SC this morning to promote tonight's WWE Smackdown taping in the city. During the interview, Ziggler noted that he and AJ were titleholders together for a "20 minute window." You can check out their appearance in the video above.

- TMZ has an article about Jack Swagger being found guilty for a DUI at this link. As noted earlier, Swagger avoided jail time but was sentenced to six months' probation, a $500 fine and he will have to pay for all court costs related to his case (which is around $1000). He will also have to participate in MASEP, which is a DUI intervention program.

- Jim Ross updated the Q&A section of his site here. When asked if he had spoken to Tim Tebow about potentially signing with WWE, he replied, "I have not. He's got a job at the moment and seems to be busy."


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