Has Jake "The Snake" Roberts Fallen Off The Wagon?, DDP In Scotland, More

- Diamond Dallas Page uploaded the video above with the cryptic title, "When the Cat Is Away..." I think we are all hoping that it isn't what it appears to be, as Jake Roberts had been making amazing progress since moving in with DDP last year.

- Speaking of DDP, he will be doing a live stage show at the Classic Grand in Glasgow, Scotland on Thursday July, 4th. In addition to the show, he'll be doing a Q&A with the fans and a meet & greet after the show. Tickets are available at this link.

- In another DDP note, he will be appearing on the "Heart of Business" podcast on Wednesday (pre-recorded) to discuss his wrestling career and injuries, how he discovered yoga, and what he's learned about starting his own fitness program. The podcast will be available for download on July 2 via iTunes here.

John Meddle contributed to this article.


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