KayfabeKickout.com recently interviewed former WWE, ECW & TNA Superstar Kid Kash. Kash talked about his new training facility in the UK, the state of TNA, who his favorite and least favorite wrestlers to work with in TNA and more. Here are some highlights:

What he’s been up to since leaving TNA in February 2013 “I just finished up a month long tour of the UK and will be going back in September for House of Grind. This isn’t your average training school. We’re doing a two day try out session on September 7th and 8th. If you survive that, which trust me a lot won’t, you’ll then be invited to join the school for 6 more months. Intensity doesn’t even begin to describe this training. The ones who complete the program will be putting on a live show. This mix of wrestling and MMA training isn’t being offered anywhere else in the UK.”

If TNA is similar to WCW in terms of a lack of leadership, and older stars being in top positions: “I do. They just keep recycling the same people over and over and and don’t push the ones who have actual talent in the locker room. And unless they drastically raise their budget they’ll continue on the same path. They don’t pay like any other “it” company. ECW paid me twice the amount as TNA ever did and that’s the truth.”

If smaller wrestlers have received a bad rap for not being as over as larger wrestlers: “I think that in the beginning TNA showed the true talent the smaller guys had which made the show, then somewhere in that 10 years that shifted. As far as talent we have it. With bigger guys there will be one out of 100 who have actual working ability. The thing I do know in this business is if the promoter wants you over to sell seats you will be. That’s up to the promoter. Politics is so crazy that if one person in the booking committee doesn’t agree, they don’t waste time and s–t can it. There’s no hashing it out or working on it, it’s just done. They may bring it up again, but until that one pushes it you’ll be that shelf wrestler.”

The interview in its entirety can be accessed here.

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