Matt Striker Talks Alex Riley Possibly Replacing Him, Issues When He First Signed With WWE

Matt Striker was a guest on The Shoot radio show earlier today. You can listen to the full 20 minute interview at this link, here are some highlights that they sent us:

Alex Riley as a potential replacement: "He's a good kid. He's a taller better looking version of Matt Striker. I believe he's a graduate from Boston College, he's well spoken, he's bright and I think it's a great opportunity for Alex Riley. To me, this is what is my saving grace, I'm gone now and then I read that it's Alex Riley that's sitting in that chair and I think about all the conversations I've had with Alex Riley. Maybe one thing I said to him he uses on the show and he's now the breath of fresh air, he's now the new guy, I don't fault anyone for that. WWE gives opportunity, they gave me an opportunity, they're giving Alex Riley an opportunity and I expect great things for Alex Riley and I'm genuinely happy for him"

Issues when he first got to WWE: "When I first came to the WWE, I did not wear humility well. I think people mistook my New York-ness and my excitement for arrogance and I am glad that it happened, I'm glad that some of these battle tested veterans sat me down in their way and said, 'hey man, I slept in a car, wrestled for $5 and did all these things so that a kid like you could walk in here right now.' Once I started to realize that, I began to adopt the same theories and mentality."

Striker also discussed how he handled his release, how he interacts with others and more. You can listen to the full interview here.


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