Sting recently sat down with VOC Nation Wrestling. Here are some highlights from the interview.

How close has he been to signing with WWE for a Wrestlemania match with the Undertaker: "Well, over the last couple years those rumors have gotten, it seems, stronger. The last two or three years even. Every year right around January when, you know, I do an annual contract every year. Right around January it starts to really seep in. By the time, what was it, two Wrestlemania's ago now, that they did that little video, that little vignette. I still don't understand, I really don't. I don't get that. That still blows my mind. I had nothing to do with it and I had not had any conversation with anybody, at that particular time. Shortly afterwards there were conversations happening and then you know [it didn't happen]. I haven't made nay phone calls. No one's really called me. It's just been being in the same place at the same time by coincidence and then conversation starts to strike up.

"I've never spread any rumors and I don't understand how or why it happens or where the rumors come. I think if I had to guess, it's doing interviews like this. I've been outspoken about this too. It's no secret. But yeah, I've always wanted to wrestle Undertaker and who would not want to say that they did Wrestlemania at least one time? I've said that for years. It's no secret. And maybe just from those types of comments, people just think oh, I think he's ready to go and he's going to go. They kind of look at the circumstances, sometimes with TNA, there's nothing left for him to do there. I just kind of think it builds on it's own."

Was he close to making an appearance with WWE back when they first purchased WCW: "No, not at the particular time. I've always described that day as being surreal, very, very tough thing to swallow. After all the years and then finally becoming the number one wrestling organization in the world, to see it go and we're on the chopping block, then suddenly you've got Shane McMahon and others in there. Suddenly there's new people running the company. It was really strange, a strange time.

"And then I had 18 months left on my contract, but AOL had to honor those 18 months and there was never any conversation at that particular time with WWE. Really, I don't think there was a conversation, if I remember right, the first time was five years later. Something like that. Five or six years later. I remember Vince McMahon, talking to him. We had several conversations over about a week long period and I was real close. It was when I had decided I was going to try one more little last run and see, the last run that's still going with TNA. The rest is history."

How technically he wrestled one match for WWE: "We were in Panama, Monday Night RAW, which I mean [the final] Monday Night Nitro which turned into RAW as we were watching and they were I believe in Cleveland that night. In reality, I've always answered the question like no, never done anything with WWE, but in reality, I have."

You can listen to the whole interview above.

Source: VOC Nation Wrestling