WWE Live Event Results From Bethlehem (6/1): Ziggler Returns, Daniel Bryan Gets RKO'd

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com readers Al Foyle and Zachary Border for sending in this report from last night's SmackDown live event in Bethlehem, PA:

The arena had one side blocked off above the entrance stage. It was not very full in all the other sections, but about 75% full for the other sections. One thing WWE does well, they get the family involved. It seemed like every person had kids with them.

Justin Gabriel v. Health Slater
Gabriel wins the bout, good pop for Gabriel. Gabriel appeared to twist his knee at the close of the bout, not sure if selling or hurt legit.

Alex Riley V. Curt Hawkins
A-Ry goes over. At the conclusion of the match, The Shield came out of nowhere and triple power bombed both guys. Huge heat for Shield. To my dismay though.

Kaitlyn v. AJ Lee
Kaitlyn wins with the spear. After the match, AJ pouted and wouldn't leave ring. Dolph Ziggler and Big E. entered, Ziggler cuts a promo about doctors not clearing him to wrestle so he'll sit and watch Big E. beat Del Rio. The crowd boos, unsure though if they were booing Ziggler or that doctors wouldn't let him wrestle.

Del Rio v. Big E (no DQ match)
Del Rio sets a table up to get crowd pumped for the payoff. Big E. used a kendo stick several times, and there was a huge pop when Big E. went awkwardly through a table in the corner. Del Rio wins. Very huge pop for Del Rio, WWE have found their next big Latin superstar, his face turn has been done very well.
Ziggler and AJ were ejected before the finish, not sure why for trying to interfere in a no DQ match?


Great Khali v. Damien Sandow
Sandow gets good heat playing chicken and running down the crowd. Khali wins with chop after doing practically nothing but letting Sandow work the crowd.

Sin Cara v. Cody Rhodes
Best match for some high spots. Sin Cara gets the win, but Cody should be pushed to the top of WWE. Cody made Sin Cara look really good, and that's hard to do, he had the crowd anticipating every move Cara hit. He sells perfectly, and controlled that bout.

Main Event: Team Hell No & Randy Orton v. The Shield
Best match of the night, watching The Shield work as one fine oiled machine, they are by far the most dominant group since the Four Horsemen. DX were very entertaining, but wrestling-wise were not as good. NWO were good talkers but did not hold their own in matches not like the Shield.

Back to the match, Bryan does most of the work, Kane even takes some beating. Orton eventually makes the hot tag and cleans house. Before he's about to hit an RKO, Roman Reigns enters with a chair to cause a DQ.

The faces re-group and take out The Shield to the crowd's pleasure. Bryan then grabs the mic and works his weakest link speech and tries to get Kane to admit Kane is the weakest link. Kane doesn't, and Bryan says that Orton was the weakest link. Orton then hit an RKO on Bryan. Bryan gets up and runs down Kane saying that he's never coming back. Kane goes to chokeslam Bryan, but second guesses himself and hugs it out with Bryan.

Don't see why Bryan would be turned, lots of heels already, he can be a mega face for the company.

Biggest Pops
Randy Orton
Alberto Del Rio
Team Hell No
Sin Cara

Most Heat
The Shield (Lot of older guys inlcuding me were pro-Shield)
Dolph Ziggler/Big E.
Damien Sandow
Heath Slater

Surprise mix reaction
Cody Rhodes


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