– In recent years, WWE has generally shied away from spotlighting wrestlers who succumbed to drug related causes as to not attract negative media attention. That is not the case today as the official website of WWE has added Test, who passed away on March 13, 2009 at the age of 33 as a result of an overdose of oxycodone, to its Alumni section. WWE says of the six-time title holder, “He’s best remembered as the Superstar who nearly married Stephanie McMahon before Triple H ruined their plans, but there was much more to Test than one disastrous night at the altar. A deceptively agile big man who could knock off opponents with a boot to the face or a top rope elbow drop, Test claimed pinfall victories over major competitors like Edge, The Undertaker and The Rock while collecting multiple singles and tag titles.”

Test’s death is not acknowledged on the page, with his final stint in WWE for the relaunched ECW brand in 2006 and 2007 branded as an “exclamatory ending to Test’s career and lasting proof that he was something far more than just a jilted groom.” To view his profile, click here.

– Ray Evans, who competed for various independent promotions in the Dallas, Texas area in the late-1980s and into 1990s, passed away Wednesday morning at the age of 49 following a long battle with cancer. Funeral services will be held on Saturday in Hubbard, Texas. (RIP: Ray Evans)

– Kevin Nash will appear at the Richmond Flying Squirrels game taking place Tuesday, July 30 at Diamond 3001 N. Blvd. Richmond, Virginia. (Event Information)