XWA Wrestlution Results (6/24): Ric Flair Appears, Reid Tribute, Demolition, Vader Headlines

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com reader Brock C. for sending in these results from yesterday's Xtreme Wrestling Alliance: Wrestlution event in West Warwick, RI:

Doors opened around 2:20pm where you could meet superstars and pay for pictures and autographs. Appearing were: Vader, Ted DiBiase Sr., Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Chris Masters, Mike Mondo, Demolition (Ax and Smash), Tugboat and the man himself, Ric Flair. Also, Sunny and Ox Baker were there but were not advertised, along with XWA stars Mike Graca, Mikey Webb and others.

I had a chance to interact with most of the superstars and most were very friendly, even more then I might have expected. Demolition, DiBiase and Mondo stood out for me. Flair was very business-like, but respectful, and was seconded by a young lady who was assumed to be a family member or someone very close to Reid. Vader seemed very agitated to even be there, and a few other fans had mentioned it too.

The show basically started when Ric Flair came back out to the ring with the young lady, and XWA thanked him and his son Reid, who had wrestled for the promotion. The locker room emptied out except for Vader, and they circled the ring and took a knee. Flair emotionally thanked XWA, friends and fans. A tribute to Reid aired, which caused Ric and many others to shed tears. It was very tough to watch Ric Flair in so much pain. Of course standing ovation and thank yous followed. Flair left the ring into DiBiase's arms and they were joined by Vader, who just came down.

* 6 Man ladder match: with contracts to fight for a number 1 contender match: DJ Hyde vs "The Product" David Starr vs Mikey Webb vs Jose Perez vs Jeremy Prophet vs Latin Dragon.
Winners DJ Hyde and David Starr (Starr was easily the best entertainer on the card)(great match and really picked the fans up after the emotional opening)

* "The Juice" JT Dunn defeated Matt Magnum with a small package

* "The Sure Thing" Mark Shurman and Scotty Slade defeated a local tag team

* Hacksaw Jim Duggan won a match with the 3 point stance. Duggan got one of the biggest pops of the night.

* Chris Masters defeated Mike Mondo with the Master Lock. Good pops, very solid match.

* Mike Graca defeatedBig Daddy T in a tables match. Great pop for Mike Graca. Very good match, both worked hard, Graca could be a show stealer one day.

* The Phoenix (with Jason Blade) defeated Antonio Atama with two "Stone Cold" stunners. These guys worked hard... too hard, this match was way too long. There were also too many strong move kickouts.

* 4 way elimination Championship match: The XWA Champion Vader vs Kristen Frost vs Vinny Marseglia vs Todd Hanson. Vader eliminated Todd Hanson with the Vader Bomb (Hanson has tons of potential), Vader was then eliminated by countout when Hanson would not let him in the ring against Marseglia (New England fans love this guy). Marseglia was eliminated by Kristen Frost (there were some boos but I don't think anyone understood why him out of the 4) to become the new xwa champion.

After Vader was eliminated, he ripped his mask off and said "f**k it" and walked back to the back with a huge limp, maybe his hip.

This event was over 6 hours with great superstars, a great card, along with surprise matches and appearances. The staff was very accommodating and did a very nice tribute to Reid Flair. Except for the heat in the Civic Center, this was a great day of wrestling.


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