Former Student Of Bill DeMott Discusses His Teaching Methods

The first round of the NWA Georgia Heavyweight Championship title tournament takes place at this Saturday's NWA Atlanta card at Metro Auction Co. in Locust Grove, GA. I recently spoke with Velvet Jones (@TeamVelvet), who will be wrestling at the show. During the call, Jones discussed training with Bill DeMott at New Energy Wrestling in Mcdonough, GA from 2009-2010, and was very complimentary towards his former teacher.

"Bill was the kind of guy, where if he trained you and he saw something in you, he did all that he could to get you to see it in yourself and try to pull it out of yourself," Jones said. "He wouldn't let you shortchange yourself. He can make you a better wrestler."

Jones was also quick to dismiss the recent allegations of abuse and harassment by DeMott in NXT.

"His style... it wasn't discriminatory, it wasn't abusive," he said. "It wasn't distasteful by any stretch of the imagination."

You can get more information about this Saturday's NWA Atlanta event on their Facebook page here. You can follow Jones on Twitter @TeamVelvet.


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