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Impact opens with a recap of last weeks show. They talk about the Ultimate X match for the vacated X title tonight, as well as the main event mafia ensuring that Aces & 8s does not interfere with title match, ending with Sabin's title victory.

The MEM comes out, this time with Angle, Sting and Magnus in suits and Jackson and Joe in street clothes. JB is once again doing commentary with Tenay. Sting gets on the mic and says that last week was one of the best nights he has ever had in pro wrestling and puts over Sabin. Sting says that the MEM won battle number one. Angle gets on the mic and says that the pain Aces has caused in the last year is going to come back to them. He says that they are not here for a fight, but a celebration. He says that MEM was formed to destroy Aces and that Bully loses the title. He puts over Sabin huge and introduces him.

Sabin's music hits and he comes down to some cheers. They replay Sabin winning the title. Sabin comes down and the crowd is cheering his name. Sabin grabs the mic and thanks the mafia for fighting off Aces and 8's and allowing him to win. Sabin says that he can't believe that he is champion and that he is living in a dream. He says that he has what everyone else wants and that he now has what everyone in the BFG series wants. He says that he wants to make history, and that next week he wants to challenge whoever wins the Ultimate X match to a World Title match next week.

Bully Ray's music hits and he come down to the ring wth a lawyer that looks strikingly like Kevin Nash. The lawyer says that Bully is filing a lawsuit against TNA for the injustices they have inflicted onto Bully. The lawyer says that the only way to stop the lawsuit was to hand Bully the title, or else the lawyer will "crush impact wrestling." The lawyer is remarkably candid and makes some threats about TNA or else they will be destroyed int he courts. They leave as Bully talks trash to the MEM.

Tenay and JB hype the rest of the show, headlined by AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy in the BFG series. The Ultimate X match for the vacated title is next.

The cameras catch up to Hogan on the back who is on the phone. The reporter asks if Hogan has a plan for the lawsuit and Hogan has no comment.

They show Manik in the back without his mask on and he talks about how he was homeless roughing it in Japan and Meixco. Manik says that the Manik character is a symbol for how to live.

We are back and the ring is set up for Ultimate X.

Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship: Greg Marasciulo vs Sonjay Dutt vs Manik[

Dutt is out first,followed by Maniik (who has his mask on now) and then Marasciulo. The bell rings and Dutt is tossed out. Marasciulo gets backdroped onto the ramp by Manik and then planchas out onto Marasciulo. Dutt hits a baseball slide on Manik and tries to climb the structure but Marasciulo stops him. Marasciulo grabs Manick and puts him on the ramp. He hits on scoop slam on the ramp and heads towards the ring. Dutt is climbing the structure but gets yanked down by Marasciulo. Dutt hits a head scissors on marasciulo.

Dutt climbes the turnbuckle but gets caught by Marasciulo. Dutt catches him, and also catches Manik and hits a combo DDT/Complete Shot. Manik hits Dutt with a neckbreaker. Marascuilo catches Manick and hits a legdrop on the apron. Marasciulo makes it to the wires but is pulled down. Manik hits a combo sprigboard head scissors/arm drag on his opponents and all three men are down as they cut to ads.

We are back and Marascuilo hits the reverse leg trapped piledriver on the ramp to Manik. A ref comes out to tend on Manik. The crowd is chanting "This is Awesome." Marascuilo climbs the wires and is close to the tile but Dutt pulls him down. They trade blows and Dutt hits a yakuza kick in the corner on Marascuilo. Marascuilo comes back with a knee into the turnbuckle but Dutt puts him down with a superkick.

Dutt climbs the structure on the outside and Marascuilo follows suit. Both guys climb up to the wire at the same time. Marascuilo starts to kick Dutt and he goes to the very top of teh structure and Dutt follows him. They are both waaayyy above the ring now as they sit down and trade blows. Marasculio knocks Dutt back and tries to get to the titles but he is too far above them. Both men are in the center of the x now and Marascuilo teases a suplex off of the X. The structure is wobbling significantly and Marascuilo is caught in between the steel and the ropes.

Manik is up and climbs across the cable and sneaks and grabs the title as Marascuilo falls down to the mat and Dutt is trapped on top of the steel X.

Winner and new X Division Champion: Manik

We go to the back and Ray and Anderson are talking. Bully says that Hulk doesn't know what to do and that they have gotten him. Ray says he is glad Anderson is the VP and that it is an important job. What is more important is the BFG series, and Anderson winning it. He tells him to go out and do what he does best.

Tenay and JB hype Hulks upcoming decision and the Hardy/Styles match. Up next is Anderson vs Hernandez in a BFG series match.

Bound for Glory Series Match: Mr. Anderson vs Hernandez

Hernandez is out first to some cheers. He has 7 points in the series, tied with Anderson for 7th place. Anderson is out next.

They lock up and Hernandez overpowers Anderson and talks some trash. Anderson hits Hernandez with a right hand and then gets laid out with a shoulder block. Hernadez hits a flying shoulder tackle and Anderson goes to the outside. Anderson climbs up to the apron and tries to suplex Hernandez to the outside, but Hernandez counters and brings him in the hard way.

Anderson whips Hernandez into the corner and splashes him. Hernandez gets to the top turnbuckle but gets tossed off by Anderson. Anderson goes for a pin and gets two, and locks in a arm submission. Hernandez elbows out of it but gets knocked back down. Anderson hits an elbow and gets another tw count. Hernandez gets knocked to the apron but slings in with a shoulder block. He beats down Adnerson and hits a one-armed over the shoulder backbreaker for a two count.

Anderson fights up but gets hit with another shoulderblock. Hernandez goes out to the ramp and gets a huge running start to try and leap over the top rope and hit a shoulder block, but he misses. Anderson hits him with the Mic Check and gets the 3 count.

Winner of 7 points: Mr. Anderson

Gail Kim vs Mickie James for the Knockout's Championship is up next as we cut to commericals

We get a recap of Sabin coming out and the Nash lawyer threatening TNA.

The camera catches Dixie and she offers no explanation for the lawsuit. She says that they will find out when she does.

Eric Young and Joseph Parks are watching videos on an iPad. Young shows Parks his match and shows how he bled. Parks says that is all a blur and he doesn't remember it.

Velvet Sky is out and she grabs a mic. She says that she came out to admit that she made a mistake. She says her mistake was letting Mickie James know she was injured and that Mickie took advantage of her. She says that she will never make that mistake again and that she will be playing her cards closer to her chest from now on. She is going to be ringside for this match. We get another commercial break.

Gail Kim vs Mickie James(c) for the Knockouts Championship

ODB is already in the ring as Kim comes out. Mickie is out next as Velvet glares at her from ringside.

They lock up and both women grab each others hair as ODB breaks them up. Mickie works Gail into the corner but Gail reverses the table and works on Mickie. They trade holds with Gail getting a few quick pins. Gail ducks down and gets tossed back with a flashback, then eats a dropkick for a two count. Gail gets up and hits a dropkick and a clothesline. She tries a few pins and gets a couple of 2 counts.

Mickie fights up but gets hit with a crossbody block in the corner. Gail plays to the crowd and gets hit with a kick and knocked to the floor. Mickie tries to get a countout win but Gail gets back in. She drags Mickie to the post, but gets pushed off. Mickie hits a Thesz press of the apron and tosses Gail back into the ring. Micike hits a neckbreaker for a two count. Miickie goes for a DDT, Gail tries for Eat Defeat but gets it with a flapjack. Mickie goes up top but misses, and Gail locks in an Octupus submission. Mickie gets to the ropes.

Gail tries a splash in the corner but mickie fights her off. Gail hits a powerbomb on Mickie and tries to get a 3 count with her feet on the ropes to no avail as ODB knocks her feet off the rope. Gail slaps ODB for touching her, but Mickie runs in and rolls up Gail for the 3 count.

Winner and Still KO's Champion: Mickie James

ODB and Gail are arguing in the ring and Brooke comes out to discipline Gail. Brooke says Gail needs to learn a lesson and says that ODB is an active wrestler and now she has that to deal with.

We get another recap of Sabin winning the world title.

They go backstage with Hogan talking to Dixie. Hogan doesn't know how he got boxed in and Dixie and Hulk are complaining about the lawsuit. Dixie and Hulk say that it is unfair for Sabin to deal with them. Hulk asks to break the rules and deal with Aces & 8s the way they do. Dixie says that they can't do that because they have a company to run. They talk about breaking the news to Sabin and how it will crush him to hear it.

The BFG Series match between Daniels and Samoa Joe is next

Bound For Glory Series match: Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels

Joe is way over with the crowd. Loud "Joe is gonna kill you" chants. They lock up and Joe hits an arm drag and then a big chop off the rope. He works Daniels into the corner and whits a leaping shoulder kick. He facewashes Daniels in the corner but gets hit hit a clothesline by Daniels. Daniels stomps away at Joe to some chants from the crowd. They trade chops and Daniels wraps a leglock on Joe in the corner and then hits a springboard elbow drop for the two count.

Daniels takes Joe down and locks in a submission move. The crowd is way into Joe and he fights out of the hold and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Daniels. He hits a series of clothesline and hits an inverted atomic drop, a boot and then a senton for the two count. Joe hits a powerslam for two. Daniels tries to smack Joe, but Joe palm thrusts him in the face. Joe goes for a splash in the corner and misses, Daniels charges in but gets caught with an Uranage. He sets Joe up for the Musclebuster, but Anderson comes down and distracts Joe. Daniels clips Joe and hits the Best Moonsault Ever. Joe kicks out at two, but Daniels hits the BME a second time and gets the win.

Winner of 7 points: Daniels

Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles is up next.

Sting is shown backstage talking to Angle. Sting says we need to make sure everyone is on the same page. Angle expresses concern about the lawsuit. Angle is concerned that they haven't wiped out Aces and 8's yet. Stings says that they have a lot going for them and to take it easy.

Bound For Glory Series match: AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy

AJ is out first to a mixed reaction. Tenay and JB put over the fact that AJ does not care about what anyone thinks about him. Hardy is out next to a good pop from the crowd.

They stare at each other and lock up. AJ uses his speed to get around Hardy, but Hardy hits an elbow. He works on AJ in the corner and hits a leg-feed kick to the chest. Hardy hits another kick to the chest and we go to commercial.

We are back with Hardy on the outside. AJ hits a beautiful baseball slide and picks Hardy up and puts him back in the ring. AJ takes Hardy down and works him with a rear chin lock. Hardy fights out of it, but gets tossed out again by AJ. Hardy tries to get back in the ring but gets hit with a spinebuster by AJ. AJ applies another chinlock and crowd chants for Hardy. Hardy fights back up but and hits the powerbomb facebuster.

Hardy hits a few clothesline and then an inverted atomic drop and then the split-legged leg drop to the groin. AJ gets back up and hits a dropkick. AJ charges in and misses a forearm smash and gets hit with a frontslam by Hardy. Hardy hits a splash from the top but only gets 2. Hardy tries to whip AJ into the opposite corner but gets suplexed into the corner. AJ eats an elbow and then Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind for a two count. Hardy plays to the crowd and goes for the twist of fate but AJ counters with the Pele. AJ rolls through a grapple by Hardy and into the Calf Slicer. Hardy tries to get to the ropes but can't and has to tap out.

Winner of 10 points: AJ Styles

After the match the crowd chants "You tapped out" to Hardy. Hardy goes to shake AJ's hand, but AJ brushes him off and walks to the back.

The cameras catch Hogan again and ask if he has a decision. Hogan says he doesn't want to do it, but it has to be done.

We come back from commercials and Bully Ray comes out. Bully says that he has been wronged and that he is highly offended that everyone can just sit back and praise Sabin for what he did to him. He complains that he hit Sabin with a hammer, but the crowd chants for Sabin. Ray asks what kind of man would sink to the level of hitting people in the head with a hammer. He says that Sabin has no choice and that he will sue everyone in the company to right this injustice. He asks Sabin to do the right thing and hand him the World Title.

Sabin comes out with the title and Ray says that he is out here to do the right thing, and that Sabin is highly intimidated by him. Sabin says that the real reason he is out here is to see how big of a crybaby he has become. Sabin says that two years he sat at home and he didn't cry like Bully, all he did was work hard to get back in the ring and now he is the world champ. He says that Bully is out of his mind to think that Sabin would hand over the title and the only way he is going to get it is to pry it out of his dead hands.

Bully says that he is going to get it by suing him, and that Hogan has been meeting with his lawyers to decide what to do. He calls Hogan out and he comes out with a piece of paper. Hogan says that he has been going back and forth with his lawyers trying to figure out what to do. Hogan says that he has a counter with Bully, and rips up the leagal document. Bully says he can't do that, but Hogan says that since he is the GM, he can (how?) and that as long as he is in charge Sabin is still the champion.

Hogan says that Bully does have a rematch clause, and this time there will be no interference. He will get it at the Hardcore Justice event August 14th in a steel cage match. Hogan's music plays and Bully shouts in the ring and yells at Sabin as Impact goes off the air.

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