Retro Wednesday: Ron Simmons Wins The WCW World Heavyweight Championship

After wrestling for NWA for a few years, Ron Simmons got his break as a top name in 1989, forming the team named Doom with Butch Reed. This team was managed by Teddy Long, and dominated the tag scene for over a year.

In early 1991, Simmons decided to break away from the team, subsequently turning babyface in the process. This was his opportunity to once again impress the WCW crowd as a singles competitor.

As a face, he successfully defeated a number of wrestlers on his quest to become world champion, including Cactus Jack, Terry Taylor, Mr. Hughes, Oz (Kevin Nash) and the Diamond Studd (Scott Hall).

In the summer of 1992, Vader was plowing through WCW talent as world champ, showing that he was staking his claim as being one of the most dominant champions in company history.

In August of the same year, Ron Simmons stepped up to the plate in attempting to dethrone Vader from his position as the top guy. In a hard-fought battle, he pulled one of the biggest world title upsets ever, defeating Vader and becoming WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Simmons proved that the title win was not a fluke, as he kept it for nearly five months, cementing himself as a notable name in WCW history.

The fans in attendance showed a unified voice, with such an indelibly poignant celebration (check out the little boy in the front with the light blue shirt). People were even crying in the audience, as if a barrier was shattered through hard work and collective support.

Such an amazing moment in the annals of wrestling.

Classic moment. Will never be forgotten.