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- The show kicks off with a shot of Trent Barreta and other X Division stars lined up for a shot at the vacant title. We go to a nice hype package for Chris Sabin vs. Bully Ray.

- TNA World Champion Bully Ray makes his entrance to the ring. We hear Tenay and JB are on commentary; they don't know where Taz is. Bully cuts a promo about Chris Sabin and how everybody has been talking about the "boy." The crowd chants for Sabin and Bully says he has no chance of beating him and we should have a funeral for Sabin. Bully calls out Brooke Hogan who comes out cutting an emotional promo on her way down. She says she is sick of it and "Mark" should move on. Bully starts to answer calmly but he flips and says Brooke moves on when Bully says so.

Hulk Hogan interrupts to loud chants from the crowd. He says, "enough is enough," and he turns to leave with Brooke. Bully says he will never give Brooke a divorce and he will never lose the title and Hogan can do nothing about it. The Main Event Mafia appear on the big screen and Angle and Sting say Bully is over and he can do nothing about it.

- In the back, Bobby Roode gives the interviewer a few words about Destination X. He is still salty about last year and calls the concept a fluke and says he will win the BFG Series and will be World Champion again.

- Back from a break for our first Bound for Glory Series match of the night. Bobby Roode is out first followed by Austin Aries.

BFG Series: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode

Aries has CM Punk-style sideburns as he puts on a back-and-forth clinic of sorts with Roode. Aries launches Roode to the floor and flies off the top turnbuckle for a strike to the floor. Aries rolls Roode back in and flies off the top but Roode catches him in mid-air with a dropkick. Roode takes it back to the floor with a clothesline off the apron as we go to a commercial.

We return to action with Roode connecting with a spinebuster for 2. Aries comes back with a 450 splash off the top for 2. Aries tackles Roode through the ropes from inside the ring, sending him into the steel steps. Aries continues his momentum with a missile dropkick in the ring and another running dropkick in the corner. Roode comes back and they trade near falls and counters. Aries connects with the discus forearm and after some more resistance from Roode, finally hits the brainbuster for the win.

Winner of 7 points by pin: Austin Aries

Aries quickly leaves up the ramp as Roode stumbles out of the ring. Roode snaps and starts destroying the announce table and punching himself.

- Hernandez, Homicide, and Chavo pep each other up in the locker room. Chavo makes reference to LAX.

- Aces & 8's are in the back talking amongst each other. Anderson tells Knux that his 'no' vote last week made Doc turn in his cut. Anderson makes sure everybody knows what their role is tonight.

- Homicide is introduced for our first X Division Qualifier. Petey Williams is out next followed by Sonjay Dutt.

X Division Qualifier: Homicide vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Petey Williams

Somewhat slow start as all 3 men go at it. Homicide drops Dutt for 2. Homicide drops Williams but Dutt breaks the count. Dutt hits a double footstomp moonsault on Homicide for the win in about 3 minutes.

Winner by pin: Sonjay Dutt

Dutt advances to Ultimate X which will take place next week.

- Back from a break as Chavo and Kenny King await Manik (Suicide) in the ring.

X Division Qualifier: Chavo vs. Kenny King vs. Manik

King dropkicks Chavo to the floor and takes control of and mocks Manik. Manik turns it around with a submission but Chavo breaks it up. Chavo dropkicks Manik to the floor and speeds things up against King. Manik hits a crossbody to both men simultaneously. Manik dropkicks King and gets 2 on Chavo. Chavo hits 2 Amigos on Manik but King breaks it. Chavo hits 3 Amigos on King. King kicks Chavo in the head and Chavo falls to the floor. Manik drops King from behind on his knee for the win.

Winner by pin: Manik

Manik's name joins Dutt's for Ultimate X next week.

- The Main Event Mafia is on the way out.

- A video package runs for Chris Sabin's journey to recovery.

- Hulk Hogan gives Sabin advice in the back. He tells Sabin it is his time and they shake hands. He tells Sabin to bring the title home and to "make sure they remember you."

- The Main Event Mafia make their way too the ring. Rampage is not in a suit. Sting cuts a short promo on Aces & 8's and hands the mic to Angle. Angle says they are coming after Aces & 8's for turning TNA on its head. Magnus continues the sentiments and invites Aces & 8's come down.

Anderson and Co. appear on the big screen and he says they do things on their own time. They invite MEM to the back. Samoa Joe takes them up on the offer and says they are thirsty and are going to drink their beers. Rampage Jackson says he is thirsty too. We cut to the back as Anderson lures MEM into a room and lock them in. Bully Ray puts Angle in the back of a pickup truck and it drives away.

- Rubix makes his entrance followed by Rockstar Spud and Greg Marasciulo (Trent Barreta)

X Division Qualifier: Rubix vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Greg Marasciulo

Some vocal fans chant Trent Barreta. The action spills to the floor early and Barreta takes control. Spud takes control of Trent in the ring with Rubix on the floor. Rubix comes back in the ring and hits a running knee on Spud for 2. Rubix hits a top rope hurricanrana on Trent for 2. Rubix hits a suplex on Spud for 2 with Trent on the floor. Spud kicks Rubix in the head to take control. Barreta hits a beautiful missile dropkick to Spud and follows up with a picture-perfect moonsault to Spud on the floor. Rubix hits coast-to-coast to Trent in the corner but Spud tries to steal the pin for 2. Trent catches Spud between his legs and drops down and hooks the legs for the pin.

Winner by pin: Greg Marasciulo (Trent Barreta)

Marasciulo advances to Ultimate X.

- Bully Ray is on the phone making plans about what to do with Angle. He tells the person on the phone to make him an offer he can't refuse.

- TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James is on her way to the ring.

- Kurt Angle arrives back in the parking lot in the driver's seat of the truck he was stuffed into. He gets out and enters the arena.

- Mickie James cuts an in-ring promo and sends to a video of her performing music and bragging about her importance. Gail Kim interrupts and joins her in the ring. Kim gets in her face and they have and back-and-forth. James goes to slap Kim but she ducks and slaps Mickie. They roll around the mat and have a pull-apart brawl by the referees.

- Austin Aries approaches Chris Sabin in the back and says he doesn't want to take anything away from him, but Sabin is in this position because of Aries. Not because of Option C, but because he made Sabin step his game up. He wishes Sabin luck.

- AJ Styles cuts a promo under a hood, seated on dark steps in the back. He says he put the X Division on the map and this is no time for heroes as he will take what is his.

- We go to the ring for our main event. Chris Sabin makes his entrance. Bully Ray is out and JB does the formal introductions.

TNA World Championship: Bully Ray (c) vs. Chris Sabin

Bully backs Sabin in the corner and gets in his face with trash talk as Bully is announced. Bully turns around and goes to the opposite corner to put up his title. Bully turns around to find Sabin in his face. Bully pushes him on his butt. The bell rings and here we go. They go back and forth; Bully lights Sabin up with chops to the chest as he dares Sabin and takes his kicks to the body. Sabin starts to build momentum but Bully takes his left leg out from under him. Sabin writhes on the ramp as Aces & 8's comes out. The Main Event Mafia follow and chase them to ringside as we go to commercial.

Bully tosses Sabin from the ramp, clean over the top, back in the ring. Bully talks trash to Rampage Jackson at ringside and slaps hands with his Aces & 8's brethren. Bully continues to focus on Sabin's leg. Bully undoes the laces and tries to remove Sabin's boot. Sabin fights back with heart and courage but Bully drops him back to the canvas. Bully pulls of Sabin's knee pad and tosses it to Anderson at ringside. Bully stalks Sabin and clips his knee from behind. Bully mocks Hogan's hand gestures and the fans chant that he sucks.

Sabin retreats and tries to create space in the corner but Bully pulls him back to the center for more punishment. Bully is trying to pull off the boot and Sabin kind of helps him but they are unable so Bully improvises and tosses him around. Sabin fights back with strikes out of the corner and goes up top but Bully makes him lose his balance. Bully hits a superplex but Sabin kicks out. Sabin counters a Bully Bomb and hits an Enzuigiri. Sabin goes up top and hits a missile dropkick to Bully but the ref gets taken out too. Sabin makes the cover and gets a visual 3 count. Anderson hands Bully a hammer and all hell breaks lose with Aces & 8's and MEM in and out of the ring.

They battle to the back. The ref is still laid out. Sabin ducks a shot from the hammer and kicks Bully in the gut. Sabin grabs the hammer; Bully goes for a Bully Bomb and gets him up but Sabin hits Bully in the head with the hammer and falls on top and hooks the legs for 3.

Winner by pin And New TNA World Champion: Chris Sabin

Sabin celebrates in the ring as we quickly go off the air.

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