Brodus Clay Reveals The Stiffest Worker In WWE, Why He's Not Featured On "Total Divas"

Arda Ocal interviewed Brodus Clay at Fan Expo Canada this past weekend. During the interview, Brodus discussed No One Lives, receiving the role, filming the death scene and more. He also revealed that Christian was the stiffest worker in WWE, and talked about why he isn't featured on Total Divas despite the Funkadactlys having a big role on the show.

"I know for me, I kinda like the separation," Brodus said. "I prefer the less of me involved [because] it shows a lot of their personal lives and stuff like that, and I'm not involved in their personal lives at all. Especially like Cameron, whereas Trinity, we trained at FCW together so we know each other a little bit closer. But in terms of personal relationships, like my life is very private when I'm not at work. So I really have no intention of bringing that side of me, and that show seems to be really focused on their home lives and things like that, and I wouldn't be a part of that... It's supposed to be their spotlight, and I wouldn't want to take their spotlight from them."

You can check out the full interview in the video above.


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