CM Punk Talks Tension With Steve Austin, Ideal WM 30 Opponents, Ultimate Warrior In HOF, More

As noted yesterday, CM Punk sat down for a Q&A panel at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con. Here are some more highlights from the panel.

Working with Brock Lesnar: "I think the stuff I've done with Brock so far has been at least exciting."

If Ultimate Warrior Should be in the Hall of Fame: "I don't think he's going to be getting in the ring but I would love to see him go into the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame, for me, is my funnest night of the year. It's hard being a wrestling fan, when you're that close to it, that's the one time you can just kind of nerd out. So hopefully he get's in the Hall of Fame."

When he'll be champion again: "When am I going to be the champion again? As soon as I get rid of Paul Heyman."

Ideal WrestleMania 30 opponents: "Here's the interesting thing about this. I did like four hours of media for SummerSlam on the phone the other day and we got to talking about this, I can't remember with who or from where, but I think I'm the inly guy who viably may have four different opponents, possibly. I could, in my mind. I think I could main event the show with Taker, a rematch. I think I could main event the show against Cena, cause of all our history there. I think if they continue on this path that they're doing with Daniel Bryan I think me and him could main event the show. And then of course there's that old pesky rattlesnake."

Tension with Steve Austin when they're together and if they plan
to square off: "Well I can't plan on facing him because he's retired. The funny thing about that is, that's 100 percent legitimate. I can't explain it anymore than that. When me and Steve are in a room together it's hilarious to me. I don't know, there's just this bizarre tension between us for some reason. I think that's where everyone gets the whole Punk vs. Austin thing from. It's up to him, really. I'll fight everybody."

If WWE had issues mentioning his indy past on his DVD: "Nope, not one single bit. I was a big pain in the ass filming that thing because, I mean, that was me and that was the truth and that was my life. At first I didn't want to do it until they agreed to let me do it like my way. So, I got to do it. It came out really well. We worked really hard on it."


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