Daniel Bryan Confronts MLB Star, Mick Foley Note, Bryan Talks He And Cena Dating The Bellas

- Mike Dunsmore of NBC Sports Radio recently interviewed Daniel Bryan as part of SummerSlam week, which you can check out above. During the interview, Bryan talked about going from sleeping in car to headlining SummerSlam, how MMA training helped him, his epic beard, what impresses him about John Cena and his beard off with A's right fielder Josh Reddick. Bryan was also asked if he got along with Cena when they hang out with their girlfriends, Brie and Nikki Bella.

"Sometimes, but we also have very different opinions on life," Bryan said. "It's interesting because the closer you get to somebody, the more that you know how different you are, and we're very different people."

- Speaking of Bryan and Reddick, Bryan confronted him during Reddick's weekly radio show in the Bay Area this past week. Bryan, who was involved in a beard off with the A's player, called Reddick a coward for shaving off his beard during their contest.

"How dare he," Bryan said, via CSN Bay Area. "What a coward. Josh Reddick, you are a coward. What kind of man shaves his beard in the middle of a beard-off?"

Reddick refused to quit the contest, and noted that he has until the end of the year to grow his beard back. You can listen to the tongue-in-cheek segment at this link at the 8:05 mark.

- On Milwaukee has an article at this link about Mick Foley's "Tales From Wrestling Past" show in Milwaukee this past Sunday. Foley will be hosting a "Tales From Wrestling Past" post-SummerSlam special this Sunday at 9:30pm at the Hollywood Improv in Hollywood, California. Tickets are sold out.


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