Dolph Ziggler recently chatted with Arda Ocal. Here are some highlights from the interview.

His thoughts on Flair at the WWE 2K14 panel: “I thought it was amazing, and the thing is, sitting up there, didn’t get to talk too much, and I’m sure Daniel Bryan was okay with that, but I kind of wanted to make some things about me, but it’s okay that future me stole the show tonight and Ric Flair was Ric Flair and he will never not be Ric Flair. The fact that I could be on that panel with him, he gives me a hug because we’re in the same brotherhood of wrestling and loving it, it’s amazing to be up there. It was quite a show.”

Why did Ziggler have a mixed tag match at SummerSlam, rather than a high profile singles match: “First of all, you wouldn’t see me in that John Cena match because Daniel Bryan has that crowd behind him. He’s had that microphone time. He’s had that year build up, that last Wrestlemania with the crowd behind him and he’s peaked to be in a prime position for that. I’ve done nothing since losing my title but not deliver, not have those 20 minute main event matches every week, twice a week, sometimes three times a week if you count Ion TV and Wednesday night’s Main Event. [Ocal: Does it bug you?] Yes, so much. I not only planned on this part either still being World Heavyweight Champion at this point or being in the World Heavyweight Championship match with that entire crowd wanting not a good guy, not a bad guy, but wanting me to go out there and prove how good I am at this. And the fact that I can’t do that this Sunday kills me. It keeps me awake at night. So many things keep me awake at night with not being champion, not being in that picture, but the fact is I’ve got to that point because of the hard work I put in, because of the chip on my shoulder, because I want to go out there and whether I have 30 seconds in a mixed tag match or Snooki’s pinning me, I go out there to do it better than anybody else and dammit, as much as I can I will attempt to do what I do best on Sunday [SummerSlam] and steal the show.”

Booker T once gave Ziggler advice to be more selfish. Has he become more selfish: “No, but it also? The situation I’m in right now, World Heavyweight Championship style, yes, I would be being more selfish right now. But in the situation that I’m in right now with four different people who are much younger and less experienced as me, they need me to be a leader out there and be less selfish in this situation. Now, the way I’ve been clawing up every inch that I got, building up to title picture and World Heavyweight Championship match, that’s where that applies and right now, unfortunately, it does not apply. They need a leader. They need someone like an old school Flair, or a Shawn Michaels who could go out there, talk, be in control of everyone, be a ring general, take care of everyone and make sure it’s the best possible match that we could possibly have.”

You can check out the whole interview above.

Source: Arda Ocal