The Cape Breton Post has an interview with Hulk Hogan, who was promoting the Hulk Hogan Uncensored Q&A event on Friday, August 23rd from 8pm – 11pm at Fan Expo Canada. Hogan and Bischoff will be joined by former WCW ring announcer David Penzer. Hogan will begin the show telling stories from his life and career, and Penzer will follow up by moderating the Q&A. You can purchase tickets for the show by clicking here.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

If a movie on his life is in the works: “It’s not really true. It’s a TMZ headline…. What happened was, I was going through LaGuardia Airport … this guy asked me a bunch of dumb questions for TMZ and he goes, ‘Eh, when are they going to do a bio about your life?’ And I said, ‘It’s already in development.’ So now everybody’s rambling like it’s a feature film already. But the truth is … two kids that are writers in L.A., hot young writers, they did a four-page treatment and I’m telling you they nailed it ? they nailed it like they were living in my shoes ? and I gave them the green light to go ahead and write the first pass. But that’s all it is.”

If he wants to wrestle again: ” I would love to be in the main event and running around the ring going crazy, but the truth is, I don’t want to break anything else. And I had my day, I had my time, I made a pretty good statement, and I think that just being able to be around it ? working with Impact Wrestling, I’m still on TV every Thursday night, from 9 to 11 on Spike TV ? I just get to live vicariously through the young guys.”

If he’s still feuding with Bret Hart: “No, that’s all on his end. I love Bret. Whatever he did, I forgive him, whatever I did, I forgive myself. I just can’t keep that negative stuff in my spiritual structure. I’ve just basically got nothing but love for Bret Hart. He’s a great guy.”

Hogan also discussed which actor should play him in a movie, his 60th birthday, meeting fans, wrestling The Rock in Canada and much more. You can read the full interview at this link.

Source: The Cape Breton Post