Jim Ross Provides Sheamus Update; Blogs On Hulk Hogan Vs. HBK, If He Would Be RAW GM

Jim Ross posted his latest blog at JRSBBQ.com. Here are some highlights:

If he would be RAW or SmackDown GM: "Can't believe that some fans actually think that I'd like to be a TV show General Manager ala Raw or Smackdown. Sorry, but I've got no interest in either role nor has anyone ever considered such for me of which I'm aware. This role needs to go to deserving talents whose verbal skills merit the casting. I'm a Vickie Guerrero fan and am also anxious to see how Brad Maddox progresses. I helped Maddox with his announcing while in NXT and he's a bright kid. Eddie Gilbert-ish as I've mentioned."

Hulk Hogan turning 60: "Happy birthday to Hulk Hogan as today he turns 60. Welcome to the club...it's not so bad as 60 is the NEW 40. @HulkHogan vs. @ShawnMichaels at Summer Slam in 2005 was one of the great performances at any Summer Slam and FAR exceeded my expectations."

Sheamus update: "Had a great conversation with the injured Sheamus this week. He's really got things in perspective and will return better than ever, likely around the new year but that's TBD. @WWESheamus is a mature professional who will continue to forge out a distinguished career once he returns from shoulder surgery. The Irishman won't be one of those guys we read about who's destitute, down and out, etc once his career in the ring concludes."

Much more is contained in Ross' latest blog, including his thoughts on the upcoming Real Sports piece on DDP, SummerSlam, pre-season football and much more. You can check out the full entry by clicking here.

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