John Cena recently spoke with Pop Candies TV. Here are some highlights from the interview.

How he would have handled the Orton fan incident: “I would be happy that it didn’t come to something that would have legal implications. I’m sure that that guy will be tried for obstruction of justice, or whatever, disturbing a live event, whatever it is. But, Randy wasn’t hurt, first and foremost, so he’s safe and that’s good. Randy didn’t beat the crap out of the guy because then that’s assault, and I can’t have Randy Orton have an assault charge. I’m very proud of Randy and his actions.

“Yes, it was an embarrassing moment for Randy but it could have been an extremely embarrassing moment. I’m very glad the way he acted. I’m a little leery about WWE security, especially over there in South Africa. I don’t know how they couldn’t see a guy not jump in the ring and sneak up on Randy. I think we maybe need to reevaluate that process. From a talent standpoint, especially with a guy like Randy I’m very proud of how he handled the situation. Truly, truly professional.”

If he is the voice of reason on Total Divas: “Ah, reason when there is none. I guess somebody needs to do it.”

Wrestling sick: “A question about Ariane is a question about Ariane [In regards to her wrestling sick on Total Divas]. You’re asking a question about WWE’s medical staff and our medical staff is top notch. We have two doctors on site, two trainers on site at every Television. Plus, we work with all the local cities we’re in. We have plenty of staff to make sure that none of the other talents are at risk.”

You can check out the talks here and here.

Source: Pop Candies TV