John Cena Reacts To Darren Young's Announcement, Reveals His Brother Is Gay

As noted earlier, Darren Young revealed that he is gay to TMZ.

In the video above, TMZ caught up with John Cena and told him that Young revealed that he is gay.

"Oh wonderful," Cena replied, after originally saying that there were no openly gay wrestlers in the company. "I know Darren personally. Darren's a great guy. That's a very bold move for him. And congratulations for him for actually finally doing it."

Cena also noted that his oldest brother is openly gay, and that he knows how hard it can be to admit it. He also said that the announcement will not affect Young's status in WWE.

"For us, it's entertainment," said Cena. "And if you're entertaining you shouldn't be judged by race, creed, color or sexuality ... as long as you're entertaining."

Source: TMZ


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