A couple of our readers passed along these details from last night’s Impact Wrestling taping, which will air next week:

* AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries and Magnus vs. Bobby Roode in the Bound For Glory Series semi-finals were announced for No Surrender on September 12th.

* To touch on the fans reception of AJ Styles “pipebomb” last night, we gave AJ a good amount of time to get the ball rolling. There were a few people “What”-ing him, which threw him off. Once he started to stumble and ramble, the crowd got restless. The chants for AJ last night included “What?,” “you can’t talk,” “boring” and “wrap it up.” When the “you can’t talk” chants were going, a different small area of the crowd were trying to chant “yes he can,” which turned into a massive “Yes” chant.

* Once AJ was done with the promo, during the Roode entrance, when he was off camera, he came over to the production side of the ring and made oral-sex hand gestures to the group of fans who were giving him the hardest time.

* The crowd was super hot for the whole show last night, and the following show’s tapings. The production side was especially vocal for the whole show, we got most of the big pops going (including the Hogan chant, a few TNA chants, and the “This is awesome” chant). Lots of mid-match pops and chants for Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, Joseph Park and Chris Daniels “Appletini” during the gauntlet match next week.

* Before Bully Ray’s match with Sting, he made it clear that the bout was non-title and reminded fans that Sting could not get another title shot in his career. Hulk Hogan came out and banned Tito Ortiz from ringside and match the match No Disqualification.

During the match, Bully pulled the tarp off of the ring and removed the padding, like he did at Slammiversary. He took a chair from outside the ring and people in the crowd started chanting “we want tables!” Bully teased the fans and pretended to look for one under the table, but never got one out. He then brought a chair into the ring and nailed Sting with it a few times. Aces & Eights came out, and they ganged up on Sting. It was a five man beatdown on Sting for awhile until the Main Event Mafia came out to make the save. They fought Aces & Eights to the back, leaving Sting and Bully in the ring and Mr. Anderson on the outside.

Near the end of the match, Sting put Bully Ray in the Scorpion deathlock. Mr. Anderson held up a hammer and almost handed Bully the hammer, but pulled it away at the last minute and Bully tapped. Mr. Anderson then entered the ring, grabbed Bully and told him that they will face off next Thursday at No Surrender and he will be the NEW champion. Mr. Anderson then posed in the ring as Brooke helped Bully to the back.