More On Ric Flair At WWE 2K14 Event; Talks Daniel Bryan, Foley's Physique, Cena, Rips Bret Hart

The official WWE 2K YouTube channel actually uploaded last weekend's "30 Years of WrestleMania Symposium" in its entirety. This was the event where Ric Flair appeared especially giddy, and upset WWE officials to the point where they nixed a surprise appearance for him at SummerSlam. You can watch it in the video above.

Things were going pretty well until the 55:00 mark when Paul Heyman was asked about his dream WrestleMania matches. Heyman named Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar and CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan. The other match he listed was Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan, which was when Flair took over the panel. Here are some of the more memorable moments from "The Nature Boy":

54:23: Ric Flair is critical of WWE for not booking Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VIII. He then ripped Hulk Hogan for having so many back surgeries.

58:30: Ric Flair says he would come out of retirement for WrestleMania 30 and said that he wants to wrestle John Cena. Flair talks about getting Cena his first beer, and says that Cena's afraid of him. Flair also said he'd love to wrestle Steve Austin.

1:00:10: When Mick Foley was asked about dream WrestleMania matches, Foley said he can't wrestle again but would have love to have wrestled Flair. Flair noted that they wrestled at SummerSlam and for TNA. JR noted that the comment would probably be cut, to which Flair replied, "I don't care." Flair and Foley went on to discuss their match in TNA.

1:01:30: Ric Flair noted that Undertaker was iffy about taking his chops, and ripped Bret Hart for not wanting to take his chops. At that point, Paul Heyman walked up to the podium and ripped Jim Ross' written questions.

1:02:28: JR asks Daniel Bryan about his WrestleMania dream opponent, and Bryan joked that he felt that he didn't belong up on the panel. Flair agreed, saying, "41 years of wrestling [Bruiser] Brody and Blackjack [Mulligan], you can imagine how I feel about you being up here. Good lord! What would have Harley [Race] said about him?!"

1:03:15: Flair tells a story about Curt Hennig telling Harley Race that he was going to use a top rope dropkick for the finish for one of their matches. Race replied, "I'll move." Flair used a child's voice when impersonating Hennig. Flair said that he could tell stories all day long and asked if there was another beverage available.

Flair spent a minute or so plugging being on Austin's podcast for three hours. Austin noted that he was looking for a couple of plugs, "but this is ridiculous." By the way, the Austin podcast with Flair will be up tomorrow (Thursday). I'm flying to L.A. in the evening and am praying that it's up before I head to the airport so I can listen to it on the flight.

1:05:25: JR joked about losing all control of the panel. Flair talked about getting loaded with JR and being there when Ross met his wife. Flair joked that JR's wife needed Lens Crafters. Flair then talked about getting loaded with JR, and asked how anyone could work for WCW and not drink.

1:08:30: Flair says he's ready to go, but looks like sh-t, but the game makes it look like he has muscles. Flair joked that Arn Anderson said that Foley looked like a "human jellyfish" and now they have muscles. JR wondered what the dirtsheets would say "about this sh-t" if it managed to air.

1:09:20: Flair asked what it would be like in New Orleans for WrestleMania 30, and said that he would be with Austin at a bar at noon. JR noted that he wasn't sure that "all of us were going to make it" to the event. Flair then went on a rant against his ex-wife and told people not to get married.


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