More WWE SummerSlam Videos: Triple H & Stephanie, The Miz Talks The Rock, Total Divas

Here are more interviews from this past week's SummerSlam festivities:

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon talk "be A Star," Triple H reveals that wrestling Shawn Michaels was his favorite SummerSlam moment. He also said that tonight's John Cena - Daniel Bryan match should "be a classic" :

Mike Dunsmore of NBC Sports Radio recently interviewed The Miz as part of SummerSlam week. In the video below, The Miz said that The Rock was the reason that he wanted to enter the business and noted that The Rock hosted WrestleMania, and he's hosting SummerSlam. He also discussed his fantasy football team, how tough it is to be a Cleveland sports fan, how he feels about LeBron, and his current place in WWE.

Christy Reports spoke to the cast of Total Divas on the red carpet:


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