– Paul Heyman appeared on the debut episode of Stressipes with Elisa Zied, a new web series that provides solutions to help people with their stress. In the episode, Zied helps Heyman deal with his stress and suggested changing his diet and listening to soothing music. Heyman is great as always, you can check it out in the video above.

– Jim Ross will be heading to the U.K. this week for his “Evening with JR” shows that will take place this Saturday at the Hilton Hotel Cardiff in Cardiff, Sunday in London, Monday in Manchester and Tuesday in Glasgow. A few tickets remain for the Manchester show, you can purchase them at this link. We would appreciate a report for these shows, so if you are attending one, please send us a report by clicking here.

– DreadCentral.com has an interview with The Soska Sisters here, who will be directing the upcoming WWE Studios film See No Evil 2 starring Kane. During the interview, the twins discussed being into the Undertaker – Kane storyline growing up and how they ended up getting the call to direct the film. They also talked about See No Evil 2.

“Glen Jacobs, Kane, will be reprising his role as Jacob Goodnight; and the team that is coming together on this is vastly impressive to say the least,” the twins stated. “This will be a film not only for Kane fans, horror fans, but for people who might usually write off what they perceive this kind of film to be like and be something that no one really sees coming.”