Randy Orton's Attacker Charged, Boy Accused Of Killing Sister With Wrestling Moves Pleads Not Guilty

- WWE.com is reporting that 20-year-old Tshepo Sekhabi, who attacked Randy Orton at Tuesday's live event in Cape Town, South Africa, pleaded guilty in court yesterday. Sekhabi was charged and ordered to either pay a 500 Rand fine, or spend 30 days in jail. Sekhabi acknowledged his wrongfulness, and was given a three-year suspended sentence. He was also not allowed to attend any of the other WWE live events in Johannesburg, South Africa this week.


- The Associated Press reports that 13-year-old Devalon Armstrong has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder after allegedly beating his 5-year-old half-sister, Viloude Louis, to death in June. The boy was babysitting Viloude while his mother was away at the store. According to Col. John Fortunato of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office, Devalon said that he started wrestling with the victim and practicing "WWE-style" wrestling moves. The boy then allegedly slammed his sister onto a bed and beat her. The boy denied those charges yesterday, which is the equivalent of pleading not guilty in juvenile court. Devalon is slated to go to trial on August 28th.