Randy Orton On If He Knew About Darren Young Before He Came Out, Being Important Again, MITB

As noted earlier, Sam Roberts recently chatted with Randy Orton at the recent Superstars For Hope party. Here are some highlights from the chat:

Was he surprised at the way Darren Young came out: "I think it's got to be a tremendous relief for the guy, to get that off of his chest."


Did the locker room know about Young: "I didn't and I'm close enough to him that if anybody would have known, the locker room's like high school. One person finds something out, five minutes later everybody knows. I'm pretty confident that nobody knew and I think it's cool. He obviously didn't wake up this morning with the tension and stress from knowing he's doing this interview where he's going to drop this bomb on the world. It just came out, rolled off the tip of his tongue and I think that the fact it happened that way, it was just the best way possible for him to be able to get that out, like it was all meant to be for him. And I'm happy for him."

Does he think he'll have to work it into his character, now that everybody knows: "I think people make such a big deal about this stuff. It's just preference. To each his own. Let him do his thing, you know? He's not hurting anybody."


Does he like holding the Money in the Bank briefcase: "Yeah, yeah. Hell yeah. It's been a couple years since I've really done anything that mattered enough to be where I'm at right now. I feel like for the first time in a couple years I'm doing something that's important and I really feel good in the ring. I've had some matches with Daniel Bryan, RVD, Christian, the last few months that have been really good, I felt I was happy with. I feel like everything's kind of firing on all cylinders right now."

Does he think the WWE product is on an upswing: "There's new talent coming in. They're doing good. From Fandango to Ryback, to The Shield guys, they've got lasting power. I think everybody kind of stepping up."

Does he have to carry the Money in the Bank briefcase with him everywhere he goes: "Technically yes, but I don't. I just have it brought with me to live events because I just figure the title's not even here, why would I have the case? So, there's a problem there when it comes to social media and us doing stuff at the live event where I don't have the case. But to me it just doesn't make sense. So I thought, my character's not going to carry around this hideous red briefcase that says Money in the Bank on it. I'm just going to leave it on the bus and when it's time to go to TV, I'll have the new case."


You can check out the whole chat above.