- A recap package kicks us off.

- We cut to Tito Ortiz in the back with Bully Ray. Bully is on the phone with "Brooke" and he tells her that the world will find out the truth tonight. Mr. Anderson approaches Tito and Bully and says he didn't know anything about this. Bully says it is club business and that Tito is with him. Bully tells Anderson to worry about earning his stripes.

- Bobby Roode, Daniels & Kazarian come to the ring. Roode congratulates Bully for winning the title again. He tells him that he now has a target on his chest. Roode says the 3 of them will do anything to take it from Bully. Roode says he is now in 2nd place in the Bound for Glory Series. Kazarian and Daniels chime in. Roode says they are 25% of the BFG but they want to be one-third. Roode looks into the camera and tells Austin Aries that he can trust them.

James Storm & Gunner interrupt and come to the ring. Storm says he knows Roode and he trusted him. He tells Daniels & Kaz that it is not if, but when Roode will turn on them. Storm drops his catchphrases and talks about beer. Storm says since they are all in jeans, he is going to get his gear on; he goes in the corner to remove his hat, shirt, and watch; he takes a swig of beer and clocks Roode. Gunner takes care of Kaz & Daniels over the top and the bell rings.

Bobby Roode & Kazarian vs. Storm & Gunner

The ref sends Daniels to the back and we are underway but take a commercial. We're back as Roode works Gunner over in the ring. Kaz tags in and continues the offense. He hits a spinning kick for 2. Roode tags back in and resumes stomping Gunner and hits a suplex and drops a knee for 2. More quick tags from Roode and Kaz. Kaz drops a leaping legdrop for 2. Kaz slaps Gunner around. Gunner comes back and no-sells Kaz then drops him in a vicious backbreaker. Roode and Storm come in off the hot tag and Storm goes on a flurry and takes care of Kaz too. Storm hits Kaz with a boot to the back of the head and comes off the top with an elbow on Roode but Kaz breaks the count. Gunner takes Kaz out to the floor. Storm hits the knees to the chest to Roode and calls for the end. Roode gets up and shoves the ref in the way of a Last Call but Storm stops. Storm hits the Last Call on Kaz; Roode hits a low-blow behind the ref and hooks the pants to pin Storm.

Winners by pin: Bobby Roode & Kazarian

- Austin Aries cuts a backstage promo about the BFG Series and being asked to join the Main Event Mafia and Roode's new crew. He talks about trust and strength in numbers. He says that at the end of the night, we may have his answer.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Manik

Manik charges right at the ring from the ramp and they start flying around the ring. Dutt drops Manik and gets 2. Tenay starts promoting house shows and Bellator which totally takes away from the action. Manik hits a dropkick from the apron and another springboard dropkick for 2. The action is considerably slow. Manik hits a sit-down powerbomb for 2. The crowd is silent. Dutt hits a running kick in the corner and hits a springboard splash for 2. Dutt goes up top but Manik avoids the moonsault. Manik drops Dutt across his knees for the win.

Winner by pin: Manik

- In the back, Devon asks Anderson what his brother said. Anderson says he said to stay focused. They get hyped for their match and all take a drink.

- The Main Event Mafia are seen plotting and strategizing in their locker room. Tenay sells the fact that they still need a partner to even up the odds.

BFG Street Fight (20 Points): Daniels vs. Joseph Park w/ Eric Young vs. Hernandez vs. Jay Bradley

All four men go at it in the ring. There are signs, trash cans, and sticks, etc. at the entrance. Jay goes to the stage and retrieves a chair to break a count of Hernandez pinning Daniels. Park and Hernandez come back and work together with power moves on Jay and Daniels. Park and Hernandez take turns sending each other into the corner with splashes on both men at the same time.

Back from a commercial as Roode and Kazarian walk toward the ring. We go right back to commercial. Hernandez takes a stick from Daniels on the ramp and drills him with it. Daniels hits a back bodydrop on Hernandez on the steel ramp. Park and Bradley mix it up in the ring. Jay swings with a chair but Park puts him in the Boston Crab. Roode and Kazarian get on the apron and Park breaks the hold. Roode sends Park into the steps and Eric Young comes over to help out but he gets laid out by Kazarian and Roode. Bradley hits a low-blow to Daniels in the ring and hits him in the back with the chair. Bradley drops Daniels on the chair but Roode and Kaz pull him on the floor and stomp him.

Hernandez hits Air Mexico from out of nowhere to Daniels in the ring and goes on a rampage. Austin Aries gets in the ring and distracts Hernandez and slaps hands with Roode and Kaz on the apron but then hits the Brain Buster to Daniels in the ring. Roode chases Aries to the back as the crowd chants "Yes." Bradley hits Park with brass knuckles in the face. Park sees blood from his mouth and he looses it. Park drops Bradley in the Black Hole Slam and gets the win.

Winner of 20 points by pin: Joseph Park

- Sting addresses the MEM in the locker room. He says last week was a bad week. He is fired up about being one man short. Rampage says when he sees Tito, he will break his face. Magnus acts as the voice of reason and he says they don't need somebody to "step up." He says they are the elite and they should step up. Samoa Joe agrees and says they have all they need right here.

- A video package runs of the Bully-Brooke Saga.

- Bully Ray comes to the ring with Tito Ortiz. He asks the crowd if they are pissed off and how it feels to be suckered again. Tito has the hammer tucked in his back pocket. Bully says he doesn't even recognize Chris Sabin's title reign as begin legit. He gives the mic to Tito Ortiz. Ortiz tells Rampage he should have known. He says he will knock him out on November 2. The crowd chants that he sold out. Bully says he is about to expose another secret. He invites the "love of his life" to get down here. Brooke Hogan's music hits...

Brooke "Miss" Tessmacher comes to the ring. She looks good in black. She shares a big, wet kiss with Bully in the ring. Bully says now he has the hot Brooke with him and with Tito and Taz, he can never be stopped. Tessmacher pulls his wedding ring off with her mouth and spits it out.

Gail Kim vs. ODB

ODB takes Gail down with a double-leg quickly. ODB knocks her to the mat with a butt bump. ODB hits as splash and a Bronco Buster in the corner. She drags Gail to the center and stacks her up for 2. ODB continues to throw Gail around the ring. Gail rolls to the floor to regroup. ODB gives chase and Gail gets the advantage on the way back in. Gail Kim focuses on ODB's left arm. ODB goes up top but Gail brings her down with a shoulderbeaker. Gail applies a hammerlock on the mat. ODB works her way up but gets kicked in the face. ODB makes a comeback and goes on a flurry. ODB drives Gail's face into her crotch several times and gets 2 on the mat. Gail goes up top but ODB lunges at the ropes and makes her loses her balance. ODB hits a superplex and sells the pain in her arm. Gail kicks out. Gail wins with a crucifix.

Winner by pin: Gail Kim

- Jeff Hardy cuts a produced promo about winning the BFG Series. He says it was one of the most important wins for him after all he had been through. He says this year he is fighting for his daughter.

- Austin Aries comments on his actions in the back and he says everything is cool. He says he can play mind games too. He says he needs nobody's help. He doesn't need Dixie thinking he is gorgeous. All he needs is his God-given ability.

- Hulk Hogan returns next week.

- We go to an update on Chris Sabin. Sabin comments after his loss. He says he is confused and that Bully is the master of manipulation. He says MEM said they had his back. He can't believe it but he says he will be back.

- Aces & 8's come to the ring. The Main Event Mafia follow. Anderson grabs a mic and welcomes Bully Ray out to watch history. Bully Ray comes out with Tito Ortiz and Miss Tessmacher. He sits on a chair on the stage with Brooke on his lap. Anderson tells MEM to pick someone to just lay down. We get an obvious edit and Sting says nobody is laying down and if MEM is going down, they are going down fighting.

The lights go out and AJ Styles' music hits. He walks past Bully on the ramp and stops as his music stops. His old music hits and he gets animated as the crowd erupts. AJ jumps in the ring and the brawl begins.

The Main Event Mafia & AJ Styles vs. Aces & 8's

Everybody pairs up on the floor. AJ and Anderson get in the ring and AJ takes him out with a dropkick. Magnus enters the ring and catches Wes Brisco and drops him in a slam. Bully looks on from the stage. Everyone takes their places on the apron and Joe tags in and unloads on Wes in the corner. Wes gets away and tags Garett. AJ tags in also and hits a backbreaker across his knee as we go to break.

We're back as Magnus gets taken apart by Knux in enemy corner. Aces & 8's keep Magnus isolated and take turns. Devon tags in and drops a big leg on Magnus and gets "Devon Sucks" chants. Magnus works his way up but Devon takes him out with a spear. Knux tags back in and comes off the 2nd buckle with a legdrop on Magnus for 2. Magnus creates some space with a DDT and makes the hot tag to Sting. Sting hits 2 Stinger Splashes on Knux in the corner. All 10 men get in the ring and all hell breaks loose. Rampage gets in the ring and knocks all the Aces & 8's down one by one as they run up to attack.

Sting his Knux with a Scorpion Death Drop and puts him in the Scorpion Deathlock but Devon breaks it. Knux covers Sting for 2. Devon tags in and unloads on Sting in the corner. Sting tags AJ who flies in the ring and cleans house of all opponents on the apron. AJ gets attacked by Aces & 8's which brings in MEM again. AJ hits a Pele on Anderson and the Styles Clash on Devon for the win.

Winners by pin: The Main Event Mafia

- Bully sells shock on the stage. Devon is fired. Taz is beside himself and says he is appealing this. MEM celebrate in the ring.