Rob Van Dam Says He Hasn't Aged, Talks Being At The Top Of WWE

Rob Van Dam recently spoke with The Boston Herald to promote tonight's WWE live event there. Here are some highlights:

His longevity: "I haven't aged. I've always taken care of myself and I'm a non-conformist, so I don't accept the negativity that comes with birthdays. I'm 42 but I feel way better than I did at 18."

Outlasting his peers after coming up: "In time, I thought eventually me and my peers would move up and take over the top positions. Now I look to my left, I look to my right, and all my peers seem to have dropped off. I never dreamed of putting myself on the level of the guys that I looked up to and I never thought that I would be world champion, but I was a show-off and I thought that I had something that I could bring to the business. Now all those guys are gone, and my celebrity, my status, has me at the top of the company. I get the loudest responses from the crowd and it's very rewarding."


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