Rob Van Dam recently posted a brief audio blog. Here are some highlights from it.

Being back in WWE: “It’s good to be back in WWE where the best of the best are and the wrestling caliber here is so much higher than everywhere else I’ve ever been.”

If he put TNA talent down: “These fools have taken that [above comment] to say that I’m putting TNA down. You’re two faced. You backstabber. Nooo. I’m not saying that. TNA has a lot of really, really good wrestlers that could easily come to WWE and go right up to the top and still be some of the best wrestlers here. They also have a lot of wrestlers that could go to NXT and learn a lot and get a lot more rounded before they go somewhere and if you ask any TNA wrestlers who have been at the top, like Jeff Hardy or Kurt Angle or Bubba Dudley, Devon Dudley, I’m pretty sure they would agree with me.

“Now, better is an opinion. So for you ridiculous fans that want to say na uh, I think the wrestling style’s better at Ring of Honor, that’s where it’s a true art. Yes, I’m not giving a mark’s perspective. That’s for you. In fact, I’m giving a wrestler’s perspective, being in the ring wrestling with wrestlers. Unless you don’t think I qualify, Google me. You might see I’ve been around.

“But, for you marks that want to give your opinion, yes, you have the right to your opinion. In fact, if you think the Johnson brothers that live down the street and wrestle in their backyard are the most entertaining wrestlers and thereby you think they’re the best wrestlers, you have a right to that opinion. And if you really feel that, in your heart, you don’t need anybody else to support you because you have your true feeling. I wish you and the Johnson brothers all the best.”

Wrestling on the SummerSlam preshow: “It gives the fans something else to b**** about, right? Dude, you don’t have a match on SummerSlam. That sucks. It went from that to dude, RVD and Dean Ambrose are in the pre show? What the f***? Not saying I blame you, sometime you just say it so I don’t have to. But whatever, know what I’m saying? It’s a J-O-B, and I know the fans don’t remember it’s a J-O-B and the evidence is in a Tweet like this. I got this Tweet: Rob, next to wrestling, what’s your favorite thing to do? You mean next to working? What’s my favorite thing to do? Next to working? Next to my job? Uh, how about not working?”

You can check out the whole talk here.

Source: Rob Van Dam’s Audio Blog